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Nikon 4K video DSLR camera being looked into for the future


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In an interview with a major website, a Nikon representative has confirmed that the company is exploring the idea of adding 4K video recording to its future DSLR cameras.

Most photographers would not give you a straight answer if you ask them whether to buy a Nikon or a Canon DSLR. These cameras are both good, they will say, just buy the one you like feel more comfortable with, they will add. However, they will give a more direct answer if you specify that you want plenty of video features. In this case, you will probably choose a Canon camera, as Nikon has even started removing this option in recent times (e.g.: the Df).

Nikon representative hints at adding 4K video recording to the company’s future DSLR cameras

nikon-1-v1 Nikon 4K video DSLR camera being looked into for the future News and Reviews

Nikon 1 V1 is a mirrorless camera that is “somewhat” capable of shooting 4K video. It can do this for 1 second at a time at 30fps frame rate thanks to its fully electronic shutter and burst mode.

Apparently, Nikon is aware that consumers are asking for more and more video features, so the company might do something about it in the future. The next big thing in digital imaging and the TV industry is 4K video.

Multiple TV makers are releasing 4K products after noticing that 3D is just a fad and has begun to be largely ignored by customers. On the other hand, 4K gives you exceptional image quality and clarity therefore it provides clear signs that it will not be “just a fad”.

Canon’s EOS 1D C is now capable of recording 4K video at 25 fps, Sony has launched such a camcorder that costs less than $2,000, Blackmagic will release its own model and Panasonic has announced the development of a Micro Four Thirds camera that also captures 4K movies.

As you have probably noticed, something is missing from this equation. Hint: it’s Nikon! Thankfully, the Japanese manufacturer is planning to do something about it, says Product Manager Zurab Kiknadaze.

Nikon 4K video DSLR camera is doable, but needs a more careful approach

Consumer interest in 4K video is on the rise and “we are aware of the need for and request for” this feature, explained Nikon’s Product Manager in Europe.

The interview, however, reveals that it is not as easy as one might think. Kiknadaze adds that the manufacturer is not “purposefully excluding” this feature from its DSLRs and it will “approach it carefully”.

The Product Manager also says that a Nikon 4K video DSLR is being looked at for the future, but there are no immediate plans for one.

Smartphones can already record 4K videos, Nikon should speed up the development process

The reason why Nikon might launch a 4K video recording camera is “because consumers are demanding it”. This could be interpreted in a number of ways, but it sends a signal that the company does not know what to do, yet.

This may be a sign that Nikon might not have the guts to overcome the crisis that all digital imaging camera makers are facing right now.

Smartphones are already eating a huge chunk of their revenue and they have already begun to record 4K videos (even before products released by manufacturers of dedicated cameras).

This is rather a sad situation and we are hoping that Nikon will speed up the development and, why not, add this feature into the recently-announced D4S.

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