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Nikon celebrates the 80th anniversary of Nikkor lenses with new video


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Nikon is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Nikkor brand with a new video showing how its lenses are made.

nikon-80th-anniversary-nikkor-lenses Nikon celebrates the 80th anniversary of Nikkor lenses with new video News and Reviews

A Nikkor lens going through the final steps of manufacturing

One of the biggest digital imaging companies in the world, Nikon, will celebrate 80 years since the birth of the Nikkor brand. This is a milestone worth celebrating, so the manufacturer has decided to do it with style.

For the time being, it is doing it through videography. One of them has been recently released, but another one is available on the web now. It takes the company’s fans through a complete journey and it needs to be watched by all photography fans, not just Nikon ones.

The new Nikon movie is called “80 years of Nikkor lenses” and it shows how the company’s lenses are manufactured, from the beginning to the last part of the assembly process. Additionally, viewers can also see how the lenses are tested by specialized workers looking for any flaw in the design.

Nikon telling the story of the Nikkor brand

Late last year, the company started telling the story of the Nikon brand with a special video about capturing the emotions of the subjects. There was a lot of crying in the video, but the second brand story video, entitled “The DAY,” was filmed in a more positive scenario and it was all about enjoying life, smiling and loving.

About one month ago, Nikon decided to tell the story of the Nikkor brand as well. A couple of videos of how the glass in the lenses is made were released for public viewing. Now, the company unleashed a new video which is somewhat similar to the previous couple, but it tells a more compelling story to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Nikkor lenses.

Nikkor glass lenses no longer made by Nikon

Recently, it has been discovered that Nikon is no longer manufacturing the glass for its lenses. Instead, the company chose to put the burden on the shoulders of another firm called Hikari Glass. Actually, the Yuzawa-based glass maker is entirely owned by Nikon, therefore consumers can rest assured because the camera manufacturer still supervises the entire procedure.

On January 28th, 2013, Nikon celebrated the 80th anniversary of the first Nikkor lens released on the market, the so-called Aero-Nikkor. So far, more than 80 types of Nikkor lenses have been released on the market and more than 75 million units have been sold.

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