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Nikon to market its new full frame DSLR as an action camera


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More information about the recently-rumored Nikon full frame DSLR has been revealed, as sources are claiming that the company will market this device as an “action camera”.

Nikon is allegedly working on a DSLR that will be positioned between the D600 and D800 series, although the retro-designed Df is sitting there right now.

Sources have speculated that the camera in question could represent the true heir to the D700 and has leaked some of its specs. However, it appears that the Japanese company is going in a different direction, as the upcoming full frame DSLR will represent an “action camera”.

nikon-df Nikon to market its new full frame DSLR as an action camera Rumors

Nikon Df is a special DSLR with mechanical manual controls like in an old SLR film camera, aimed at getting photographers back to the basics. Nikon is rumored to launch another shooter to sit between the D610 and D810, just like the Df, which will be marketed as an action camera.

Nikon rumored to launch a new full frame DSLR that will serve as an “action camera”

Nikon will introduce its new DSLR with a full frame image sensor sometime before the Photokina 2014. The camera will definitely not be added to the D600 series, as it it will replace the D610, which represents a minor D600 update to fix the camera’s dust accumulation issues.

Furthermore, this device will also not be added to the D800 series, as the D810 has just been announced as a replacement for the D800 and D800E models.

Instead, this will be a camera for action photography. The device will be heavily promoted and the material will include skating, so we may see some amazing high-speed videos to demonstrate its capabilities.

Nikon’s new full frame DSLR will sport a 24-megapixel sensor

The new Nikon action camera will probably feature a better autofocus system than the D610. Since this is aimed at action photography, it may borrow the AF technology from the D810 or the D4s.

Both the D610 and the Df come with a 39-point focus system, while the D810 and D4s duo employs a 51-point focus area. It is also said that it will provide extensive video features, but no specific details have been given.

This full frame camera will have to offer an improved continuous shooting mode when compared to the D610, Df, and D810, which provide up to 6fps, 5.5fps, and 5fps, respectively.

Its specs are said to include a 24-megapixel sensor and an EXPEED 4 processor, so it should be able to capture more frames per second, provided it shares a similar buffer with the D810.

What else we know about the upcoming Nikon action camera

NikonRumors has previously speculated that this device will feature a tilting LCD screen as well as built-in WiFi. Additionally, the body might be lighter than that of the D610 and Df, meaning that it will not weigh above 710 grams.

The price is rumored to revolve somewhere around $2,500, which means that it sits between the $1,900 D610 and the $2,750 Df. Stay tuned, more information should be revealed soon!

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