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Nikon buys Samsung mirrorless technology, source says


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Nikon is rumored to have purchased Samsung’s mirrorless camera technology in order to add it into its own cameras, while developing a partnership with the South Korean company.

There were several reports, which surfaced on the web in recent times, stating that Samsung stopped selling cameras in some markets. It was rumored that the manufacturer decided to shut down its camera business entirely because it is not profitable, while its efforts and resources would be allocated to other projects.

Sources who have been right in the past are now reporting a different story. It appears that the reason why the world’s largest smartphone vendor has put a halt to camera sales is because it has sold its mirrorless technology to Nikon.

Moreover, if Nikon buys Samsung mirrorless technology, then the former will launch MILCs bearing the latter’s features and it might happen soon, a trusted source has revealed.

Nikon may have purchased Samsung’s mirrorless camera system

Samsung is releasing some fine cameras filled with impressive features. However, the sales have never taken off, so the company decided to launch fewer models, a fact also accelerated by the worldwide decrease in camera shipments.

When these reports hit, nobody was surprised by the fact that the manufacturer took such drastic measures. It seemed like everyone expected it, but there is a chance that the allegations are false and that Samsung will continue releasing mirrorless cameras in the future.

samsung-nx1 Nikon buys Samsung mirrorless technology, source says Rumors

This is the NX1, Samsung’s flagship camera. We may never get to see an NX2, as Nikon is rumored to have purchased Samsung’s mirrorless technology.

The information is coming from reliable sources, who are now stating that the company will hold an event related to the digital imaging industry at CES 2016. Whereas some folks claim that the Samsung NX2 will be announced, others are saying that the South Korean maker will confirm that Nikon has purchased its mirrorless technology.

It is unclear whether Nikon has purchased the whole Samsung camera division or if it is borrowing / licensing the technology for a limited period. If Nikon buys Samsung mirrorless technology, then it will launch mirrorless cameras with Samsung’s sensor, video, and image processing technologies.

If Nikon buys Samsung mirrorless technology, what is next?

Nikon is still among the most popular camera vendors in the world, so some people are curious why it would buy technology from Samsung – even more so when Sony is supplying Nikon with cutting-edge sensors.

Well, tests are showing that some of Samsung’s technology is more than a match for Sony’s tech. Additionally, Nikon is struggling on the mirrorless market, so it will use Samsung’s assets to build a brand new system for professional photographers, instead of opting for the technology of one of its fiercest rivals.

Nothing can be ruled out at this point. Nevertheless, it seems like Nikon will launch a new mirrorless mount that might not be compatible with NX-mount lenses.

It is said that Nikon wants to compete against Sony’s A7-series.Nikon and Samsung will form a new partnership and the latter will continue developing sensors for the former’s upcoming cameras, the source said.

For now, Nikon is using Sony sensors in some of its cameras. If it has really purchased Samsung’s mirrorless technology, then it might not use sensors from one of its biggest competitor again. This is just the beginning, stay tuned to see how this story unfolds!

Source: MirrorlessRumors.

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