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Ten Nikon Coolpix S cameras receive new firmware updates


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Nikon has released a bunch of firmware updates for 10 Coolpix S-series compact cameras, in order to solve a bug which caused the shooters not to recharge empty batteries.

After seeing that Panasonic has released an update for eight of its cameras, Nikon has decided to outrun its Japanese counterpart by upgrading 10 of its shooters. The DX and FX camera maker has also updated the Coolpix P7700 compact earlier this week, in order to fix a few bugs.

nikon-coolpix-s9300 Ten Nikon Coolpix S cameras receive new firmware updates News and Reviews

Nikon Coolpix S9300 is just one of the ten Coolpix S cameras which have received a firmware update. The new upgrade should fix a bug causing EN-EL10, EN-EL12, and EN-EL19 not to be recharged when they were completely drained.

Nikon releases new firmware updates for 10 Coolpix S cameras

It is never a good idea to completely drain a battery, as it really damages it, while significantly reducing its life cycle. However, sometimes photographers forget or they simply feel the need to take that last shot, therefore squeezing the last bit of juice out of the power source.

According to Nikon, some of its cameras would no longer recognize such empty batteries. Ten Coolpix S-series shooters have been affected by the bug, which prevented users to recharge the EN-EL10, EN-EL12, and EN-EL19 batteries while using the EH-68P AC adapter and UC-EF USB cable.

A quick fix was to use the external charger or another camera which was not affected and which was compatible with the aforementioned battery models. Unfortunately, this is not a practical solution so the Japan-based company has had to come up with an answer pretty quick.

The result can be seen right now, as the Nikon S205, S3000, S3100, S3300, S4000, S4100, S4300, S6200, S6300, and S9300 have all been upgraded to a new firmware and users should start downloading right away to prevent any damage.

It is worth mentioning that photographers must choose the correct firmware, since its version varies. Some of these Coolpix S devices had already received other updates prior to this one.

If a user finds his camera model, then he will be required to download and install the following firmware update:

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