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Nikon D300s discontinued officially to make room for D9300


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The Nikon D300s has been discontinued officially paving the way for a replacement, which is believed to be called D9300 instead of the previously-rumored D400 and to be announced by the end of 2014.

One of the cameras that is almost five years old and still available on the market is the Nikon D300s. However, things are about to change in the near future.

After being rumored to be replaced in 2013, the D300s has been alive and kicking until recently. Those days are gone as Nikon has officially discontinued the D300s and has moved it to the list of “archived” DSLR cameras.

nikon-d300s-discontinued Nikon D300s discontinued officially to make room for D9300 News and Reviews

Nikon has moved the D300s to the list of “archived” DSLR cameras. This means that the Nikon D300s has been discontinued officially.

Official: Nikon D300s DSLR camera has been discontinued

The USA and Canada branches of Nikon have both moved the D300s to the graveyard. The archived list of DSLR cameras refers to the products which are no longer in production and usually no longer supported by the company.

The status of the D300s found at Canon USA and Canada websites will most likely be followed by worldwide Nikon branches, which means that there is finally enough space for a replacement.

We should note that the D600 is also on the “archived” list, but the full frame DSLR continues to be supported by Nikon. The company will service your D600 regardless of whether it is in warranty or not.

The D600 has been too big of a mishap for the Japanese maker to be forgiven by customers and about $18 million have been pledged to fix the DSLR’s issues as well as the damaged Nikon brand.

Nikon D9300 is the alleged name of the D300s replacement

Nikon D9300 is rumored to be a successor to the D300s. It will feature an APS-C-sized image sensor, while the remainder of its specs list remains unknown.

The device will compete against the Canon 7D Mark II, which is also believed to substitute the 7D in August after five years of battling against the D300s.

Both the Canon 7D and Nikon D300s have been launched in 2009, although it is believed that the former has been sold in bigger numbers than the latter.

The stock levels of the D300s are pretty low. The DSLR camera price has been reduced over the past couple of years, but it has gone up to about $1,650 at Amazon in recent times, probably due to limited availability.

As stated above, there are no known features of the D9300 or D400 or whatever it will be called, so you will have to stay tuned to find out!

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