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Some Nikon D3400 specs revealed before Photokina 2016 unveiling


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Nikon will finally announce the replacement to the D3300 DSLR, called D3400, sometime in the near future in order to prepare for the Photokina 2016 event.

There have not been too many rumors about Nikon’s plans since the beginning of 2016. The same thing can be said about most other camera makers, as it seems like they are all trying to develop their next products in complete secrecy.

One of the devices mentioned within the rumor mill was the D3300 successor. At first it was called D3400, but some sources then started referring to it as the D3500. This sounded plausible at the time, mainly because Nikon had already skipped past the D5400 iteration, moving directly to the D5500 from the D5300.

Either way, this is all in the past, as the DSLR will definitely be named Nikon D3400, when it becomes official in late August or early September.

Nikon D3400 will be introduced soon with new sensor

The information comes from a reliable source alongside a few details about the device. These tidbits are far from a full specifications list, but they are better than nothing, as always.

nikon-d3400-details Some Nikon D3400 specs revealed before Photokina 2016 unveiling Rumors

Nikon D3300’s place will be taken by the D3400 DSLR in anticipation of the Photokina 2016 show.

Just like expected, the Nikon D3400 will come packed with a new sensor around the 24-megapixel mark. According to the source, the new unit will offer 24.2 megapixels, just like its previous couple of heirs.

The Snapbridge technology will make its way into the camera, so the shooter will be able to maintain a continuous link via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet. This is great for sharing files wirelessly without having to pair to a mobile device each time you want to share a photo.

Additionally, there will be a better Guide Mode added to the DSLR. As the D3000 series is aimed at beginner photographers, the feature will allow the users to learn more about the camera’s settings and to take proper photos before being ready to make the jump to manual modes.

These are all the new details about the shooter. However, more are expected to become available soon. Photokina 2016 begins on September 20 and the Nikon D3400 is expected to be unveiled a few weeks before that.

This means that the DSLR will be revealed at the end of August or at the beginning of September. Either way, it is real and will be present at the Photokina 2016 event in Germany. Stay tuned for more information, including rumors about other Nikon-branded products bound to show up at the world’s largest digital imaging event.

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