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Nikon D3500 might be the D3300 successor instead of D3400


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Nikon will definitely announce a successor to the D3300 camera this year, which will come packed with wireless connectivity and which might be called D3500, instead of D3400, as previously thought.

The latest entry-level DX-format is the D3300 DSLR, which was unveiled in January 2014. Lower-end products are usually refreshed at a faster rate, but Nikon has not followed this rule, as a replacement for the aforementioned camera is long-overdue.

We will forget about this shortcoming in 2016 because the Japan-based manufacturer will finally reveal a D3300 successor. Nikon D3500 is believed to be its name and to become official by the end of this year with a new 24-megapixel sensor.

Nikon to replace the D3300 DSLR with the D3500, not the D3400

The previous two D3xxx iterations featured a 24.2-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS image sensor. Trusted sources are reporting that this will not change, so the upcoming D3500 will also employ a sensor with a 24-megapixel count.

nikon-d3500-rumors Nikon D3500 might be the D3300 successor instead of D3400 Rumors

Nikon D3300’s replacement, presumably called D3500, will come packed with a new 24MP sensor, Bluetooth, and WiFi among others.

There are no words regarding the presence of an anti-aliasing filter. However, judging by the company’s recent cameras as well as the D3300, there will be no AA filter, which increases image sharpness, albeit it increases the risk of moiré patterns.

Nikon D3500 is said to be the name of the DSLR. Earlier this year, during Camyx’ previous reports about the camera, no name was given, but speculation pointed towards D3400. Something might have changed in the meantime, as the D3xxx might skip a version, just like the Dxxx series did with the D5500 (jumped past D5400 from D5300) and the D500 (jumped past D400 from D300S).

Another confirmed feature is said to be SnapBridge. This technology uses Bluetooth connectivity in order to maintain a constant link to a smartphone or tablet. This way, users do not have to reconnect each time they want to share a photo.

File transfer can be made easier with SnapBridge, so we can assume that the D3500 will support both WiFi and Bluetooth technologies.

Nikon D3500 could be a part of the company’s next product launch event

A more precise timeframe for the announcement event is unavailable for now. Sources still do not know whether the DSLR is coming at Photokina 2016 or before the event. Whatever happens, the Nikon D3500 will be introduced by the end of 2016.

Some folks are claiming that this camera will be the company’s next product launch. If this is the case, then it might become official within a few months, well ahead of this year’s Photokina show, which is organized in Cologne, Germany.

We have a feeling that more information is coming out soon, therefore we are inviting you to keep an eye on Camyx!

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