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Nikon D3500 rumors resurface after D3300’s demise


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Nikon has discontinued the D3300, its entry-level DSLR, which will be replaced in the near future with the D3500, a camera that has already been mentioned within the rumor mill.

The first quarter of the year was filled with gossip talks about future products from Canon, Nikon and Sony. Among them, we learned that Nikon will introduce a successor to the D3300. The device was referred to as the D3400 back then.

After Q1 ended, the beginning of the second quarter brought us more gossips. However, this time they talked about a D3500 instead of a D3400. Now, the Nikon D3500 rumors are back, following the discontinuation of the D3300 in Japan.

Nikon discontinues D3300 in its home country

Trusted sources in Japan are reporting that the digital imaging giant has just listed the D3300 as discontinued. The DSLR has been on the market for about two years, as it was announced in January 2014 and released in February 2014, so one could say that the product needs to be refreshed as soon as possible.

nikon-d3500-rumors Nikon D3500 rumors resurface after D3300's demise Rumors

Nikon D3300 was launched in early 2014, so it spent more than two years on the market before being discontinued.

For the time being, the shooter is discontinued only on the Japanese website, but other sites are rumored to follow the same path soon. As soon as a product is listed as discontinued, it means that the company has probably stopped manufacturing it and it usually happens in order to focus on new stuff.

The price of the camera is still high, as it has only dropped by $100 since its launch. Massive price drops are a sign that a camera is nearing its end of life, but it is not the case of the D3300, therefore we may still have to wait until Photokina 2016 for its successor, as some sources claim.

Latest Nikon D3500 rumors hint at summer launch

The D3300 replacement was initially called D3400. However, it would not be the first time Nikon skipped an iteration. It happened in the D5000 series, as the D5300 was replaced by the D5500.

Additionally, one could say that it happened with the D300S, which was substituted by the D500 earlier in 2016. As a result, we should not act surprised by the latest Nikon D3500 rumors.

Although some people that it will be revealed at the Photokina 2016 event, as stated above, there are voices suggesting that the D3500 is the company’s next shooter and that it is coming by the end of summer.

When it does show up officially, the device will feature a brand new 24-megapixel sensor and wireless connectivity via the SnapBridge platform. Keep an eye on Camyx to find out how this story unfolds!

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