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Nikon D3S undergoes extreme survival tests


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The Nikon D3S has proven once again that it is a highly-resistant camera, as the DSLR has been put through a series of endurance tests by a French photography website.

The Nikon D3S is a professional FX-format DSLR camera, which has been released in October 2009. The device is capable of capturing amazing imagery using a 12.1-megapixel full frame image sensor.

nikon-d3s-fire Nikon D3S undergoes extreme survival tests Fun

Nikon D3S literally on fire, as a part of the final stage of its endurance test.

French photographers put the Nikon D3S under a lot of pressure

Its capabilities include a 3-inch LCD screen, RAW shooting, 1/8000 shutter speed support, and 51-focus points. However, how does it behave when it is put through a series of resistance tests? Well, the answer is “pretty well”, according to a video posted by Pixelistes, a France-based photography website.

The editors have partnered with another website, called Photo Formations, and they have decided to test D3S’ resistance, since higher-end shooters are supposed to be much tougher than entry-level ones.

nikon-d3s-dirt Nikon D3S undergoes extreme survival tests Fun

Nikon D3S got kicked into the dirt several times, but managed to keep working, in order to make it to the next level of resistance testing.

Nikon D3s gets wet, then dirty, takes a beating, gets cleaned, and finally cryogenized

The testers think that the Nikon D3S would be used by wildlife or sports photographers, who take a lot of pictures in the rain, so the logical thing to do is to take the camera into the shower.

After that, the guys went on and captured some imagery from a tripod somewhere in the nature and some bad things happened, as the tripod went down into the dirt several times.

The D3S continued to work, but it needed some cleaning, so these people put it into a water-filled container to wash it off. When it was finally clean, the container had been put into the freezer, as photographers also have to capture photos at Earth’s poles or other icy environments.

As a result, the ice did freeze some of the shooter’s internals, which is just natural, so the testers went on to de-freeze the camera. In order to melt the ice, they set the camera on fire.

Nikon’s D3S DSLR camera lives to fight another day

After so much battering, the poor Nikon D3S was still standing. However, the viewers can draw their own conclusions and, if they think that the DSLR can cope with stress tests quite well, then they should buy the camera at Amazon.

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