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Nikon D400 launch event taking place in August or September


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Nikon is preparing for a couple of announcements that will take place by the end of Q3 2013 and will result in the D300S replacement, called D400.

Talks of a Canon 7D Mark II, the EOS 7D successor, are intensifying and it is natural for Nikon to think about a competitor as well. The 7D is D300S’ rival, therefore the rumored 7D Mark II will be “threatened” by the elusive D400.

nikon-d300s-replacement Nikon D400 launch event taking place in August or September Rumors

Nikon D300S, the former flagship of the DX series, will be replaced by a new DSLR camera soon. Its replacement will be unveiled in August or September and it will be called D400.

Nikon had planned to release the D400 earlier, but major reasons kept the camera out of the loop

Not too much information about the camera has been heard so far. There has been only one rumor earlier this year, saying that the Nikon D400 announcement date will occur sometime in September 2013.

The previous source has given three reasons why the Japanese manufacturer has delayed the unveiling of a D300S replacement. Long story short, the 2011 Thailand floods, competition shortage and the D7100, which has given Nikon enough time to work on something better for action and wildlife photographers.

Nikon D400 launch event scheduled for August or September 2013

Overcoming all adversities will not be easy for the camera maker, but the Nikon D400 launch event will take place in August or September, sources say.

The company will first hold an announcement event for the new “1” mirrorless and Coolpix compact cameras. However, the second public occasion will be DSLR-centric.

D400 to be unveiled alongside DX zoom and refreshed 300mm f/4 lenses

The Nikon D300S successor will not be making its first official appearance without being accompanied by other new products. It appears that the D400 will come along with a DX-format zoom lens. Speculation says that these two will become available as a standard kit later this year.

A secondary lens is a 300mm f/4 lens to replace the current version whose stock levels are almost depleted. The Nikkor 300mm f/4.0D ED-IF AF-S optic is sold at Amazon for $1,399.95 and at B&H for $1,369, though buyers need to hurry as there are only a few pieces left in stores.

Nikon D4-based full frame DSLR coming soon, too

The Japan-based corporation has other plans for the following months. The end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014 will greet photographers with a new full frame DSLR camera based on the Nikon D4, which has been first introduced in January 2012.

CES 2014 opens its doors this January and the modified D4 might just get a high-megapixel version or one without an anti-aliasing filter.

Meanwhile, the D4 is selling at Amazon and B&H for $5,996,95 and the D300S is available for $1,379.99 at the former retailer.

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