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Nikon D400 to be announced alongside D5 in early 2016


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Nikon will allegedly announce a D300s replacement, probably called D400, at the beginning of 2016 alongside the company’s upcoming flagship DSLR camera, the D5.

At one point in the past, sources claimed that Nikon would introduce a D300s successor. However, there was little talk about this device in both 2014 and 2015. Everything is about to change as the Japan-based manufacturer appears to be ready to introduce a true DX-mount flagship DSLR alongside the FX-mount flagship DSLR.

Trusted sources have said in the past that the D4s replacement, called D5, will most likely become official in early 2016. Now, it seems like the D5 is not coming alone as it will be joined by the Nikon D400.

Nikon D400 returns to the rumor mill after long hiatus

Although we have not seen an official confirmation from Nikon, there is little doubt that the D5 will be introduced in the first part of next year. Additionally, it would not be a surprise if the full-frame camera were to be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 or around this major event.

nikon-d300s Nikon D400 to be announced alongside D5 in early 2016 Rumors

Nikon is reported to finally replace the D300s in early 2016 with the D400.

Some people are now suggesting that there will be a double announcement from the Japanese maker. The D400 may finally make an appearance, more than six years after its predecessor, called D300s, which was revealed in July 2009.

As Canon has already released the 7D Mark II, Nikon has remained behind and it does not have a competitor to the EOS DSLR. We have been disappointed in the past, but things might be different this time, so the Nikon D400 could be unveiled along with the D5 sometime early next year.

Not a single specification has been leaked so far. There is still a long time until the launch and the specs list could change in the meantime. Either way, more details are coming soon, therefore you must stay tuned to see how this story will unfold.

D5 to feature new sensor, processor, and autofocus system

The good thing about this rumor is that the specs of the Nikon D5 have not changed since the last time we spoke about it. This could mean that both testing and development have gone well, so the product is almost ready to launch.

A new 20-megapixel sensor is said to make its way into the D4s replacement. The sensor will be capable of recording 4K videos and will have a native maximum ISO sensitivity of 102,400 that will definitely be expandable, albeit the maximum value stays unknown.

Its external design will be similar to the one of the D4s, but a new processor will also be available in the camera and will deliver a continuous shooting speed of up to 15fps.

The autofocus system will be revamped and will feature 173 points with a larger focus area. As usual, we do have to warn you to take this with a pinch of salt. However, stay close for more Nikon D400 and D5 rumors!

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