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Nikon D4s card issues are Lexar’s fault, Nikon says


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Nikon has identified an issue which causes the Nikon D4s to stop recognizing some Lexar CF cards and has provided a “fix” for the owners.

The Nikon D4s has recently become available on the market. As with all products nowadays, it has some issues.

Manufacturers are usually the ones to blame, but consumers should be aware that there are so many combinations that it is impossible to test each and every one thoroughly.

As you have probably figured by now, the Nikon D4s is not a perfect camera. It has some problems with some Lexar CF cards, but it seems like this time it is not Nikon’s fault.

Nikon D4s issues with Lexar 400x and 1000x cards are Lexar’s fault, not ours, Nikon says

nikon-d4s-card-issues Nikon D4s card issues are Lexar's fault, Nikon says News and Reviews

Nikon D4s card issues are caused by faulty Lexar cards. If your Lexar CF card’s serial number ends in “8BAFBE” or “8DCB61”, then you should ask for a replacement card.

According to an official statement from the Japanese company, two specific types of Lexar CF memory cards are incompatible with the Nikon D4s.

When adding a specific type of 400x and 1000x Lexar CF memory cards into the Nikon D4s, the DSLR camera will display an “Err” or “Error” message. Users are reporting that sometimes the cards are working properly, only to fail after capturing a few shots.

Either way, Nikon is claiming that its flagship FX-format DSLR does not have a problem – the issues are caused by the CF cards. The Japan-based company says that it is very easy to identify the faulty cards. A serial number is displayed on the cards’ side.

If the code ends in either one of “8BAFBE” or “8DCB61“, then you are not in luck because the Lexar 400x or 1000x CF cards are problematic. Nikon adds that owners of such memory cards should contact the store where they have been purchased the cards and ask for a replacement.

It is worth noting that the issue might be bigger than Nikon says, as other cards may also be faulty so 600x and 800x (or other models) might be affected, too. So far, only Lexar card owners have reported problems when using the cards with the Nikon D4s, but it is worth keeping an eye out on this whole situation.

Nikon D4 firmware update 1.10 released for download

Meanwhile, the Nikon D4 just keeps getting better. The former FX-format flagship camera is now upgradeable to a new firmware.

The Nikon D4 firmware update A:1.10 / B:1.10 has been released for download and it comes packed with several minor improvements.

The shooter now supports CF cards bigger than 128GB and the Fn and AF-ON buttons are more customizable than ever before.

Additionally, the “Err” message when using some XQD and CF cards has been solved. The Nikon D4 firmware update 1.10 is available for download at the product’s official support page.

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