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Nikon D5200 sensor scores higher DxOMark rating than D3200


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DxOMark has revealed its overall score for the sensor found in the recently-announced Nikon D5200, saying the result will take many people by surprise.

Nikon-D5200-DxOMark-Rating Nikon D5200 sensor scores higher DxOMark rating than D3200 News and Reviews

Nikon D5200’s sensor achieved a DxOMark overall rating of 84

Although the Nikon D5200 has almost the same specs as the D3200, the former outruns the latter in DxOMark’s charts. The difference is not that big between the two, but it is worth noting that both cameras have roughly the same number of megapixels, 24.1MP for the former, and 24.2MP for the latter.

DxOMark ratings

DxO Labs, the company who is in charge of the DxOMark ratings, tests camera sensors in professional labs, looking to find out how they handle noise, high-contrast rendering and low-light photography. However, the score does not include lens quality, optical aberrations and the camera’s ability to show the finest of details.

The Landscape rating represents dynamic range, Sports is low-light ISO, while Portrait stands for color depth.

D5200 vs D3200

DxOMark rates the Nikon D5200 at 84, while the D3200 scores only 81. The overall score is calculated based on several factors, including ISO, Dynamic Range and Color Depth.

The Portrait score, which handles color depth, stands at 24.2 bits for the D5200, respectively 24.1 bits for the D3200. The former’s Landscape and Sports scores stand at 13.9 Evs and 1284 ISO, while the latter’s ratings stand at 13.2 Evs and 1131 ISO.

The results were to be expected, as the D5200 is a DSLR placed in a category above the D3200, so it is nice to see that the higher-end unit feels like an upgrade over the lower-end model.

Entry-level against semi-pro DSLR

Both of these cameras’ results fade away when compared to a DSLR in a higher category, like the Nikon D800E. According to DxOMark, the 36.3-megapixel shooter managed to achieve an overall score of 96, based on 25.6 bits for Portrait, 14.3 Evs for Landscape, and 2979 ISO for Sports ratings.

However, the Nikon D5200 has become the best camera in the APS-C sensor category, according to DxOMark’s ratings. Furthermore, this entry-level DSLR is better than some semi-pro DSLRs,  such as the Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs, both of them having a Sony-manufactured sensor of 16.3-megapixel and an overall rating of 82.

Toshiba vs Nikon

One reason why the D5200 may fare better than the D3200 is the manufacturer of the APS-C sensor. The former’s sensors are supplied by Toshiba, while the latter’s sensors are manufactured directly by Nikon. At the time being, DxOMark did not test any lenses mounted on this camera, but promised that several tests are coming in the near future.

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