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Nikon D5500 to be announced at CES 2015


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Nikon D5500 is rumored to be the name of the DSLR camera which will replace the Nikon D5300 at the beginning of 2015, most likely during the CES 2015 event.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will bring many good news from the digital imaging world. A number of cameras and lenses are expected to become official during this trade fair, but photography fans can add one more to the list.

According to trusted sources, the Nikon D5500 will replace the D5300 in early 2015. The Japan-based company has allegedly chosen to skip past the D5400 version therefore the new mid-level F-mount DSLR with an APS-C sensor will be referred to as D5500.

nikon-d5300 Nikon D5500 to be announced at CES 2015 Rumors

Nikon D5300 will be replaced by the D5500 soon, a DSLR camera with a touchscreen.

Nikon poised to reveal D5500 DSLR at CES 2015

Nikon has confirmed multiple times that the lower-end models will be refreshed at a faster rate, while the high-end shooters will remain on the market for longer periods of time.

This means that series, such as D3000 and D5000, could be scheduled for a replacement schedule shorter than 18 months. This statement is backed-up by the latest Nikon D5500 rumors, which are claiming that the DSLR will be announced sometime in early 2015.

The most appropriate launch event for the camera is CES 2015, that will open its doors to visitors during the first days of next year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nikon D5500 will come packed with a touchscreen

The entire specs list has not been leaked, yet, but the sources are confident that the Nikon D5500 will surely feature an APS-C sensor and an LCD touchscreen.

This line-up is known for its swiveling displays on the back, which now will also offer touch-based inputs, adding even more functionality to the shooter.

Nikon’s first DSLR with built-in WiFi and GPS has been the D5300, therefore there is no reason why its successor will not offer these features as well.

More Nikon cameras expected to become official in early 2015

For the time being, Nikon has officially discontinued the D3200, D5200, and D7000, which means that the D3400 and D7200 (or whatever they will be called) could also be revealed soon.

Recently, the specs of the D7100 replacement have been leaked, so the sources are claiming that the DSLR might become official at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015 event taking place next February.

Among the new features we can find a 24.7-megapixel sensor, EXPEED 4b image processor, and a continuous shooting mode of up to 10fps. Stay tuned, more details are coming soon!

Meanwhile, the Nikon D5300 is available at Amazon for a price under $700.

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