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Nikon releases statement over D600 dust / oil accumulation issues


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Nikon has finally acknowledged the dust/ oil accumulation issues of the D600 DSLR camera, launched back in September 2012.

Photographers who purchased a Nikon D600 camera noticed dust or oil spots in their photos. Even though they tried to clean the sensor the old-fashioned way, the spots did not disappear. Even if some people noticed that most of the dust or oil spots go away after taking several thousand photos, they do not entirely disappear.

Many thought that there is a manufacturing problem that went unnoticed in Nikon’s test labs. The company was contacted numerous times, but it did not issue an official response regarding the matter until now.

nikon-d600-dust-oil-accumulation-fix Nikon releases statement over D600 dust / oil accumulation issues News and Reviews

Nikon has finally released an official statement regarding the D600’s dust / oil accumulation issues. The company acknowledged the problems and said that they may be easily fixed by the owners.

Nikon finally admits there is something wrong with the D600

Today, more than five months after the camera went on sale, Nikon posted an official statement, directed at D600 DSLR camera users.

The company acknowledges the problem, saying that the spots, in images captured with the D600, are actually granular dust spots. They are the reflections of dust accumulated on the low-pass filter.

The dust may have found a way to get on the anti-aliasing filter as a result of camera operation or it may have found a separate way into the D600. Either way, Nikon confirms that there is a problem and that it has a fix.

D600 dust spots may go away after cleaning the image sensor

First, users should read the manual and turn to pages 301 to 305. At these pages, the users will find indications regarding how to clean the image sensor. The manual says that users can clean the dust particles using a blower.

This should remove the dust spots. However, if the procedure is unsuccessful, then users will contact the nearest service center. Nikon employees will keep the camera in order to take a closer look at it and will service the D600, in order to fix the problems once and for all.

The official announcement was long overdue. It is unclear why the company has decided to wait so much time to state the obvious. Anyway, D600 owners should follow the company’s advice and if it does not work, then they will go to a Nikon service center.

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