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Nikon D600 issues have cost the company almost $18 million


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Nikon has recently discussed the results of the fiscal year ending in March 2014 and has revealed the amount of money allocated for fixing the issues affecting Nikon D600 users.

One of the companies which has suffered a huge dip in reputation in recent times is Nikon. The launch of the D800 / D800E camera has not turned out as planned. Both these DSLRs have had shutter problems, including shutter not locking or not firing at times.

The issues have been fixed eventually, but towards the end of 2012 an even bigger problem arose. The Nikon D600 has become official and has been welcomed by photographers thanks to its small price. However, the D600 has had even bigger problems, such as an inconsistent shutter and on-sensor dust accumulation.

nikon-d600-repairs Nikon D600 issues have cost the company almost $18 million News and Reviews

The costs of repairing the Nikon D600 have reached $17.7 million during the past financial year, the company has confirmed in a recent Q&A session.

Nikon pledged about $18 million to fix faulty D600 cameras

Although the company has denied the problems at first, it has acknowledged them ultimately and has taken small steps towards fixing them. The story has culminated with Nikon replacing the D600 with the D610 only one year after its introduction.

Nikon has also announced that all D600 owners will have their cameras repaired for free and, if the problems persist, then they will receive a D610 unit. This was the right thing to do, but how much did it cost the Japanese company? Well, according to a recent Q&A session, almost $18 million have been allocated to the D600 servicing.

Fixing the Nikon D600 issues has taken a toll on the company’s financial results

The Q&A session has been posted on the manufacturer’s official website. It is a part of the company’s review of the fiscal year ending in March 2014. Unfortunately, the financial results have not been good at all, but they would have been better if it weren’t for the D600 mishap.

The Japan-based corporation has confirmed that 1.8 billion yen or about $17.7 million have been pledged towards solving the warranties concerning the Nikon D600 issues.

It is said that the main reason for that is making users happy once again and restoring the “confidence in the Nikon brand”. It is true that the company’s reputation has suffered a lot, but we cannot deny the fact that Nikon has eventually managed to get it together in order to “repair” its prestige.

Too little, too late? Perhaps not, as faulty D600 units will be fixed for free even if they are out of warranty

There are voices saying that this is too little, too late. Many photographers have sold their cameras at a huge loss just to get rid of it. Moreover, the launch of the D610 means that the D600 has lost even more of its value, so at this point it may not even be worth selling.

As stated above, the good thing is that the Nikon D600 issues have received a lot of attention from both the company and the users. Unhappy customers should always voice their opinions, but remember that your D600 will be fixed by Nikon even if it is out of warranty, a thing that does not happen so often.

We are aware that there are lots of disgruntled D600 users out there and, if you are among them, then you should get in touch with Nikon to find out how to have your camera fixed.

If you are still interested in buying a D600, then you can find it at Amazon for about $1,600. Additionally, the D610 costs about $1,900 at the same retailer.

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