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Nikon D600 oil / dust accumulation issues still persist after being serviced


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Shortly after the Nikon D600’s introduction, it was revealed that the DSLR camera has some dust /oil issues with the image sensor. It was demonstrated that the dust / oil problems disappear from the image sensor after a while, but not entirely.

nikon-d600-oil-accumulation-issues Nikon D600 oil / dust accumulation issues still persist after being serviced News and Reviews

Oil accumulation issues can be easily spotted on the left side of the Nikon D600 frame

Nikon announced the D600 back in September 2012 and the camera became available later that month. It features a 24.3-megapixel full-frame image sensor, Expeed 3 processor, up to 6400 ISO, 39-point autofocus system, full HD video recording at 30 frames per second and 3.2-inch 921.6K-dot LCD screen.

Noticing the Nikon D600 oil /dust accumulation issues

Among the first users of the camera was Kyle Clements, a photographer from Toronto, who observed that the DSLR has a dust or oil accumulation issue. The photographer even posted a timelapse video, demonstrating D600’s issues.

At that time he noticed that the oil accumulation was getting fainter, so he speculated that, in time, the problem would go away. A new video was posted, showing that his prediction wasn’t entirely accurate. It is still unknown whether the spots in the left corners of the frame are caused by oil or dust accumulation.

More Nikon D600 dust test timelapse videos

Kyle Clements uploaded a new video on YouTube to show that Nikon D600’s issues did not go away even after five thousand shutter releases. The photographer admits that the oil or dust accumulation problems are not as persistent like they were at the beginning, however, the issue is still there after his D600 was repaired.

The spots in the left side are “smaller and more faint,” noted the Toronto-based photographer. Although the camera was launched more than four months ago, Nikon has not officially acknowledged the image sensor problems. The company says that it encourages all Nikon users, who encounter any issues with the company’s cameras, to go to the nearest Nikon Service Center for verification.

Mixed feelings surrounding the dust / oil accumulation

A lot of users are reporting dust /oil issues through the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon. One of the reviewers says that the dust and oil spots still appear after dozens of shutter releases, however, they will only show up at apertures bigger than f/11. A reviewer was disappointed with Amazon’s Customer Service department, which failed to repair his camera because Nikon did not officially confirm this as an issue.

Recent Amazon reviews confirm that most users have this issue when they are using a smaller aperture. Most of the camera reviews are rated at 4 or 5 stars, as the users say the dust issues are not so noticeable or that they are accepting the camera as it is, thanks to the great performance that it offers for such a low price.

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