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Nikon D7100 to be announced during Thai event next week?


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Nikon has begun sending invitations for press events, which will take place across several countries throughout the next week.

The first invitation was sent by Nikon Thailand. According to the source who received the invitation, the Japan-based company will hold a special event in the Asian country. The reason for the “meeting” is not specified, but the company is expected to reveal a new camera.

nikon-d7000-replacement-d7100-thailand Nikon D7100 to be announced during Thai event next week? News and Reviews

Nikon has sent invitations to an event in Thailand on February 21st. The company is rumored to release a D7000 replacement, the D7100.

Nikon D7100 to be announced at an event in Thailand on February 21st

Previously, there was no indication that Nikon had plans to announce a new DSLR in February. Another fact which suggests that the event does not involve new gear is the day of the week. The company does not usually make use of Thursdays to reveal new products.

2013 is the year when the rumor mill is convinced that Nikon will finally announce a D7000 replacement. The company took care of several other series in 2012 and left the D7000’s successor out in the cold. Among the cameras launched in 2012 we can find the D4, D800 and D800E, D600, D5200, and D3200.

In the past, sources claimed that the D7000 will be directly replaced by a new camera, instead of being used as a platform for a higher-megapixel shooter, which would not feature an anti-aliasing filter. This means that the Nikon D7100 may be announced next week, instead of a D7000E.

Nikon holding events in many other countries

Moreover, another source has reported that Nikon sent invitations to press events in several countries. This fact is an indication that the company is indeed announcing a new product. For the time being, an invitation for a US event has not been confirmed. However, Nikon will most likely announce the D7100 in the US first, therefore the D7000 successor may be revealed one or two days before February 21st.

The camera maker may pair up the D7100 with a new DX-format lens, in order to properly celebrate 80 years of Nikkor lenses. For the moment, this is just speculation, but the rumor mill is convinced that Nikon is announcing something big next week.

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