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Official: Nikon D750 reflection issues to be fixed for free soon


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Nikon has officially announced that it will begin fixing the D750 reflection issues at the end of January by adjusting the autofocus sensor at no extra costs for the photographers.

Shortly after Nikon has begun shipping its latest full frame camera, the D750, users have begun noticing that the DSLR has some issues when taking photos and capturing videos.

They had noticed that some strange reflections showed up in their images / movies when the camera was pointing towards powerful light sources, such as the sun.

The shape of the flare was very unusual, making users believe that the D750 had a manufacturing issue. Although not all units displayed this problem, it was clear that some early units were affected.

At the end of December 2014, Nikon revealed that it would begin investigating the problem and that it would issue a response in the near future. Well, the answer is here and it says that the users affected by the Nikon D750 reflection issues will be able to fix their DSLRs for free as of late January 2015.

nikon-d750-reflection-issues Official: Nikon D750 reflection issues to be fixed for free soon News and Reviews

Nikon has officially confirmed that it will fix the D750 reflection issues for free at the end of January.

Nikon D750 reflection issues will be fixed for free as of late January, says Nikon

Some Nikon D750 owners noticed that the autofocus sensor was to blame for the flare issues, as it was partially blocking light from reaching the image sensor. It was revealed by some owners that early D750 units had the AF sensor raised a little too much, when compared to newer units.

Although it does not give any specifics, the Japan-based company has confirmed that it will “adjust the AF sensor position” for free. This means that the official announcement validates the concern of the users regarding the AF sensor.

The good thing is that the manufacturer will “inspect and repair light-shielding components” for free. As stated above, the service initiative will begin in late January and the company will reveal more details about the repair process in the following days.

Despite its problems, the price of the D750 has not dropped, as the DSLR continues to be available at Amazon for around $2,300.

Almost all Nikon DSLRs released during the past few years have had some sort of issues

The Nikon D750 reflection issues are just the latest problems the company has been having since the launch of the D800, which has been troubled by shutter, left autofocus points, and mirror lock-up issues.

The D600 has also had its fair share of problems and has been replaced by the D610 just one year after its launch. Moreover, the fairly new D810 has been affected by some thermal noise problems.

In a shaky market, a company’s reputation is very important and the customers’ trust in the brand has dropped considerably. Stay tuned, we will let you know how this story unfolds!

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