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Nikon begins fixing the Nikon D750 unnatural flare issue


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Nikon has released another service advisory for D750 owners, inviting them to verify whether or not their unit is affected by the flare issue, and to request repairs if it is.

Shortly after the launch of the Nikon D750, some users have noticed that their units are displaying a flare with “unnatural shapes” when taking photos and videos with the camera oriented towards bright light sources.

At the end of 2014, the company said that it would investigate the issue, while at the beginning of 2015 it confirmed that it is real and that the affected units will be repaired free of charge.

The time to solve the Nikon D750 unnatural flare issue has come as the Japan-based manufacturer is inviting owners to check whether their DSLR is troubled or not, and to follow the instructions if it is.

nikon-d750-serial-number Nikon begins fixing the Nikon D750 unnatural flare issue News and Reviews

This is where you can find the Nikon D750 serial number. Enter it on Nikon’s website to see if your camera is affected by the unnatural flare issue.

The process to fix the Nikon D750 unnatural flare issue has begun, says Nikon

Nikon says that it is very easy to identify whether a D750 is affected by this problem. Only a limited number of units has this issue and they can be identified through the serial number.

Users can access a special link on Nikon’s support website right now, where they can enter the 7-digit serial number from the bottom of the DSLR. If the camera is not affected, then photographers can continue to use their device.

However, if the serial number is of a camera among those affected, then the company will provide some instructions on how to have your unit fixed.

What will Nikon do to fix affected D750 units?

In all likelihood, Nikon will instruct D750 owners to head over to the company’s nearest service center. The position of the autofocus sensor will be adjusted, while the light-shielding components will be repaired, too.

The manufacturer says that the speed and accuracy of the autofocus system will not be affected at all. The adjustments will simply remove the unnatural flare shapes when taking photos with the camera pointed at bright light sources, such as the sun.

The service advisory also reminds users that flare occurs when capturing photographs with backlit scenes, which is valid for all cameras.

nikon-d750-black-dot Nikon begins fixing the Nikon D750 unnatural flare issue News and Reviews

If you can see a black dot in the tripod socket, then your Nikon D750 has already been fixed.

Last but not least, the announcement also states that some units may have been repaired. This can be identified with ease, as there is a black dot inside the camera’s tripod socket. If you see it there, then the Nikon D750 unnatural flare issue will no longer be of your concern.

Meanwhile, the D750 has been pulled from various stores. Nikon says that it is taking this measure in order to verify whether or not the cameras need a fix, while confirming that stocks will be replenished as soon as possible.

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