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Nikon D800s announcement date and more specs leaked online


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Nikon D800s, the replacement of both the D800 and D800E DSLR cameras, will be announced at the end of June 2014 and more of its specs have been leaked in the meantime.

Towards the beginning of 2014, inside sources have revealed that Nikon is preparing to replace the D800 and D800E big-megapixel DSLRs.

Although this may not be the final name of the device, it has been called Nikon D800s and some information about its price, announcement date, and specs has showed up on the web.

Now it is time to correct some of the details, while adding more information to the list of things we know about the Nikon D800 / D800E replacement, courtesy of highly-trusted sources.

More detailed Nikon D800s specs list shows up on the web

nikon-d800e-replacement-rumor Nikon D800s announcement date and more specs leaked online Rumors

Nikon D800E replacement is rumored to feature a similar 36-megapixel sensor without an AA filter.

Looking at the updated Nikon D800s specs list, we can see that the DSLR camera will come packed with a similar 36-megapixel full frame sensor without an anti-aliasing filter, like the D800E.

There will be no D800-like version, but it seems like moiré will not pose any problems because the Japan-based manufacturer will provide an update software that conceals any moiré patterns.

The camera will be powered by the EXPEED 4 or 4A image processor and will feature a higher-resolution display on the back. Although it has been said that it could record 4K videos, it is “unlikely” that such capability will be added into the D800s.

Nikon’s new full frame camera will have built-in GPS, but there is no WiFi, so users will have to purchase a mobile adapter if they want such feature.

The DSLR camera will offer a continuous shooting mode of up to 5fps, although the speed can be increased up to 6fps with the help of the MD-D12 battery pack.

D800s will be to the D800/D800E what the D4s is to the D4

Sources say that the Nikon D800s will be an evolution of the D800/D800E duo. This will not be a major upgrade, so its upgrade will be like the update from the D4 to the D4S.

The autofocus system will be enhanced, similar to the D4S, as well as low-light performance. The D800/D800E replacement will offer a 1-stop improved ISO performance.

Going back to the focus system, the D800s will feature four autofocus points in the center of the frame. As for the file format, it appears that the D800/D800E successor will shoot RAW files.

Nikon D800s announcement date to take place in late June

When compared to its predecessor, the D800s will shed some weight in order to be slightly lighter. Even so, it will be more expensive than both the D800 and D800E. This is contrary to previous reports that the DSLR’s price will be situated between the two prices of the D800 and D800E.

The Nikon D800s announcement date has allegedly been set for late June 2014, not the Photokina 2014 or the CES 2014, as initially thought. Take this with a pinch of salt and stick with us for more info!

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the D800 for a price around $2,800, while the D800E costs around $3,300.

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