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Nikon D800s DSLR camera to be manufactured in Thailand


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The Nikon D800s DSLR camera is rumored to be manufactured in Thailand, unlike the D800 and D800E DSLRs which have been made in Japan, while prototype models have already been placed in the hands of testers.

It is becoming more and more clear that Nikon will soon launch a replacement for both the D800 and D800E cameras. The new DSLR will become official at the end of June and some of its specs have already been leaked on the web.

The latest piece of information to come from the rumor mill consists of the camera’s birth place. Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that the D800s will be made in Thailand, instead of Japan.

nikon-d800-manufacturing Nikon D800s DSLR camera to be manufactured in Thailand Rumors

The Nikon D800 and the D800E have both been made in Japan. Their successor, the D800s, will be made in Thailand. Image credits: ePhotozine.

Nikon to make D800/D800E successor in Thailand, instead of Japan

Both the D800 and D800E have been manufactured in Japan. Although it may not matter much these days, photographers are usually putting more trust in products made in the manufacturer’s home country, while looking in doubt at products made in other areas.

Despite all that, Nikon is probably aiming to reduce the manufacturing costs, so the D800s will enter the production line at the company’s factory in Thailand.

Nikon D800s DSLR camera is already in the testers’ hands

In recent times, photographers have been questioning the product quality of Nikon cameras and a good example is the D600, that “featured” an inconsistent shutter as well as on-sensor dust accumulation. As a result, it has been replaced quickly by the D610.

The company will need to make sure that there are no more product design issues with its cameras, so prototype models have been handed to multiple testers. It is unclear whether the tests are over or if they will continue until the D800s finally enters the production line.

Nevertheless, the rumor mill is claiming that the D800 series replacement will be announced in late June.

The camera may go on sale as Nikon D810

The source appears unsure of the final retail name of the camera. The Nikon D810 name has appeared, which follows the same naming pattern as the D600 series.

Either way, the DSLR will feature a full frame sensor around 36 megapixels, EXPEED 4 or 4A image processor, integrated GPS, one stop better ISO, improved autofocus, higher-res LCD display, and a burst mode of up to 5fps.

For the time being, the D800 is available for under $2,800 at Amazon and the D800E costs under $3,300.

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