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Nikon D810 announcement date taking place on June 26


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Nikon will announce a new full frame DSLR camera on June 26, sources familiar with the matter are claiming, following months of rumor and speculation regarding the so-called D810.

One of the biggest weeks of the year for Nikon fans has arrived. The Japan-based company has another surprise in tow for photographers worldwide in the body of the so-called Nikon D810, the DSLR camera set to replace both the D800 and D800E.

Although the manufacturer has not confirmed the allegations, sources inside Nikon have revealed the existence of the camera. Additionally, they are claiming that the official product launch event has been scheduled for June 26, which is less than 24 hours away.

nikon-d800-successor Nikon D810 announcement date taking place on June 26 Rumors

Nikon D800 successor will also serve as a D800E replacement. The DSLR camera will be called D810 and it’s coming on June 26.

Nikon D810 announcement date still scheduled for June 26

People familiar with the matter have recently revealed that the exact Nikon D810 announcement date is June 26. However, no new information has surfaced since then, fact which has made a lot of the company’s fans to “fear” that the launch has been postponed.

The same reliable source is telling us to rest assured because the Japanese manufacturer will indeed launch the D800 / D800E replacement this week.

It is very likely that the D810 is the only product set for unveiling at tomorrow’s event, although we have heard details about some upcoming Coolpix compact cameras in the past.

Nikon D810 DSLR camera specs roundup

Meanwhile, here’s the Nikon D810 specs recap! The DSLR will allegedly feature a 36-megapixel full frame sensor without an anti-aliasing filter, similar to the one available in the D800E.

The software of the camera has been significantly improved in order to cut down moiré effects (caused by the lack of an AA filter) even more. Additionally, the D810 will be powered by an EXPEED 4/4A image processor and will sport lots of low-light and autofocus improvements.

The company’s latest full frame shooter will be able to capture up to 5 frames per second in burst shot mode and will support the new RAW S file size option.

There are words of built-in GPS as well as enhanced video capabilities, although WiFi and 4K video recording will not be added into the DSLR. The D810 will weigh less than the D800 and D800E, but will be more expensive than both.

Nothing has changed regarding the price of the two cameras. Amazon is still selling the D800 for about $3,000, while the D800E costs a little under $3,300.

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