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Nikon D810 showcase: photos, videos, presentations


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Nikon has just announced the D810. It is a pretty big launch for Nikon, so the company is making the most out of it by revealing sample photos and videos captured with the D800/D800E replacement.

On paper, the new Nikon D810 and its specs list are looking pretty good. Almost all specs and features of the D800 and D800E have been improved. This has resulted into the Nikon’s DSLR camera with the highest image quality ever.

In order to prove the aforementioned claims, the Japanese manufacturer has released several photos and videos captured with the its new DSLR.

nikon-d810-miss-aniela-fashion Nikon D810 showcase: photos, videos, presentations News and Reviews

Fashion shoot with Nikon D810 by Miss Aniela. (Click to make it larger)

Nikon D810 showcase: sample photos to demonstrate the DSLR’s amazingly-high image quality

All the photos have been captured in uncompressed 14-bit RAW format. They have been converted to JPEG using the new Nikon Capture NX-D software, which will be released for download soon free of charge.

We have compiled a gallery consisting of official photos taken with the Nikon D810. The shots include all the EXIF details of the files. This way, you will be able to check out the photos as well as the settings used to capture them.

It is worth noting that we have resized the files for convenience purposes. The full-sized photos are available on Nikon’s official website, where the largest file reaches 46.6MB.

Such large files are not uncommon in the D800 series, as you are probably aware that the cameras are featuring full frame sensors with a resolution of 36.3-megapixel.

For pixel-peepers and for the ones that need to assess the sharpness of the D810 official pictures, we recommend to check out the full resolution images.

Plenty of videos captured with the Nikon D810 proving its videography versatility

In addition to the sample photos, Nikon has released a bunch of clips recorded with the D810, as stated above. Some of them are short movies captured with the new camera to demonstrate that you can produce videos with a DSLR.

Furthermore, the company has also revealed some “behind the scenes” footage, showing how the short films and high-profile photo shoots came to be.

The first movie is called “Dream Park” and it is meant to be a truly inspiring story. It has been directed by Sandro Miller, while the story has been written by Sandro Miller, William Perry, and Anthony Arendt.

In order to create the BTS video of “Dream Park”, the director has used more cameras beside the Nikon D810. According to the description, the D4S, D800, D610, and D5300 DSLRs have been used alongside the 1 V3 mirrorless and the Coolpix A compact.

In the article presenting the Nikon D810 we have revealed that the DSLR camera comes with improved videography features. The list also includes superior time-lapse photography capabilities.

The Japanese company has decided to demonstrate this ability with the help of Lucas Gilman, who has created an amazing landscape time-lapse video using the D810. Check out the video below!

The next video shows Lucas Gilman detailing his adventure shoot photography kit. It includes the D810, which is a weathersealed camera, so you could say that it is perfect for time-lapse photography.

The reason for that is quite obvious, as the rain might start pouring down during the shoot, meaning that you will be forced to pack your bags and head home. Well, the latter part is not going to happen because the D810 can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Below you can check out the behind the scenes footage of an adventure photo shoot with Lucas Gilman. The photographer praises D810’s ability to capture every “texture and color you can think of”, while the camera’s versatility is not forgotten either.

Fashion photography is a pretty serious business where there is no room for mistakes. In the video below, Miss Aniela is describing her photography kit used in fashion photo shoots.

The photographer says that when shooting with a 36.3-megapixel camera, using high-quality optics is a must. Prime lenses are used for portrait shots, although zoom optics are not to be ignored when looking to capture a variety of angles when standing in a fixed place.

After giving us a tour of her gear, Miss Aniela is inviting us to take a look at a behind the scenes video of a fantasy fashion photo shoot. Once again, you can see how the Nikon D810 can be used for taking your photography to the next level!

Nikon is a global corporation and all branches must contribute to the well-being of the company. In the video below, Nikon Canada is showing off the photography side of the shooter, claiming that the DSLR has been created to deliver “compelling” images.

The second part of Nikon Canada’s D810 presentation is all about describing the shooter’s “true cinematic” capabilities. Nikon has taken the right steps to offer superior video features, which are definitely aimed at catching up with the Canon 5D Mark III.

The product video for the Nikon D810 begins with the company’s well-known mantra: “I Am Nikon”. It then evolves into “I Am The Nikon D810” and it gradually tells us about all the features found in the new DSLR.

Its video capabilities are not ignored with the “I Am The Director” tagline. Basically, the company is demonstrating the enormous creative possibilities provided by its new camera, which are limited only by your own creativity.

Another introduction to the D810 DSLR camera comes from Nikon’s own Senior Product Manager, called Lindsay Silverman. The first thing that comes to his mind is definitely the image quality, once again proving that the company is putting a lot of emphasis on the camera’s ability to reproduce the details.

The next video showcases the Nikon D810 in the hands of photographer Junji Takasago. The DSLR is shown as a versatile camera which can be used for a mix of photography types, including underwater with the right waterproof equipment.

Moving further, the Nikon D810 is depicted as a grea tool for architecture photography. Sato Shinichi reveals a set of amazing cityscape shots captured with the new big-megapixel DSLR.

Nature is beautiful hence it makes sense to capture its beauty with Nikon’s latest DSLR, which is described as a camera that delivers the highest image quality in the company’s line-up.

Hisao Asano reveals some of these pictures taken with the exciting and surprising Nikon D810.

We are inviting you to check out all the photos as well as all the videos and then let us know what do you think about the image and video quality of the Nikon D810.

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