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Official Nikon D810A announcement event is imminent


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The Nikon D810A announcement event is rumored to be imminent, as the Japan-based company is definitely planning to introduce an astrophotography version of the D810 DSLR camera.

The rumors about a special astrophotography version of the Nikon D810 have appeared out of nowhere. A trusted source has recently revealed that such shooter is “coming soon” and that it will be based on the D810, while employing some changes to make it suitable for astrophotography.

Earlier today, some more details about the device have been leaked, including a claim that it will be called “D810a”. Now, another source is claiming that the Nikon D810A announcement event is imminent.

nikon-d810-astro-version Official Nikon D810A announcement event is imminent Rumors

An astrophotography version of the Nikon D810 is rumored to be announced soon as the Nikon D810a.

Nikon D810A announcement event rumored to take place in the near future

Nikon is planning to hold a major product launch event in order to announce a new DSLR and a few Coolpix compact cameras.

The event will be focused on the DSLR, which is said to consist of an astrophotography version of the high-resolution D810.

The D810A is rumored to feature a higher hydrogen-alpha sensitivity than the conventional model. As explained previously, hydrogen-alpha is a spectral line that corresponds to deep-red in the Balmer series. It is created when a hydrogen electrons gets from its third lowest energy level to its second lowest energy level. Nebulae emissions display this color and the D810A will be more sensitive to it.

Furthermore, it has been said that the astrophotography version will offer a 5-stop slower shutter speed than the conventional model.

Multiple new Coolpix compact cameras to be announced as well

The Nikon D810A announcement event is said to take place in Japan. It might include a new 24-120mm VR lens, albeit little is known at this point.

The source says that several Coolpix shooters are certain to show up. The list includes the P610, S2900, S33, S7000, and S9900. All these names have been previously mentioned within the rumor mill, while the S2900 was announced in mid-January.

A rugged all-weather Coolpix camera is on its way, too. The Coolpix AW130 is poised to replace the AW120, which is a rugged shooter with built-in WiFi.

It is worth noting that the sought-after D7200 and 1 J5 cameras are missing from the list. They have been rumored for a long time and they have been expected to show up at CES 2015 or CP+ 2015. It remains to be seen whether they are coming or not. Stay tuned!

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