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Nikon D810A unveiled as a DSLR for astrophotographers


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Nikon has officially announced the recently-rumored D810A, which has just become the world’s first full frame consumer DSLR camera designed for astrophotography purposes.

The D810 is the highest-resolution DSLR in Nikon’s line-up and the company wants to put it to good use. The camera has been modified in order to become more appealing to professional and hobbyist astrophotographers by incorporating a new infrared filter that comes with increased hydrogen-alpha sensitivity. The result is called Nikon D810A and it will allow photographers to capture the universe in great detail.

nikon-d810a Nikon D810A unveiled as a DSLR for astrophotographers News and Reviews

Nikon D810A is the astrophotography version of the D810 and it comes packed with a new infrared cut filter that captures the red emission of nebulae.

Nikon announces D810A as world’s first full frame consumer DSLR for astrophotography

It has been a while since a digital imaging company launched a consumer DSLR specially built for astrophotography. Nikon has decided to change this aspect and it has done so with the world’s first full frame consumer DSLR designed for astrophotographers.

The new Nikon D810A is based on the D810 and it comes with a similar specs list that includes a 36.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 4 image processor.

The changes include a new infrared cut filter which supports the hydrogen-alpha spectral line, sitting on a wavelength of 656nm. This allows the camera to capture the red emissions of nebulae as well as other objects in the universe.

The DSLR is compatible with all F-mount lenses. However, its increased IR sensitivity means that regular photos will have a red hue.

nikon-d810a-back Nikon D810A unveiled as a DSLR for astrophotographers News and Reviews

Nikon D810A can see in the dark courtesy of a virtual exposure preview mode.

Nikon D810A offers long exposure mode of up to 15 minutes

Nikon has added a Long Exposure Manual mode into the D810A. It allows users to set long shutter speeds of up to 900 seconds / 15 minutes. This mode starts at four seconds and it increases to different times up until the aforementioned maximum mode.

Nevertheless, Bulb and Time options are available, too. In these modes, astrophotographers can access a virtual exposure preview option that allows the DSLR to “see in the dark”, so that users can properly frame and focus their shots.

The ISO sensitivity ranges between 200 and 12,800, which can be expanded up to 51,200 through built-in settings.

Nikon D810A features an Astro Noise Reduction feature in RAW files, which will keep noise to the minimum.

nikon-d810a-top Nikon D810A unveiled as a DSLR for astrophotographers News and Reviews

Nikon D810A offers Astro Noise Reduction technology in order to cut down noise when taking photos of the universe.

Astrophotographers can pre-order the Nikon D810A right now, shipping begins this May

As Nikon is aiming to allow users to capture the best-possible photos of the universe in all conditions, the D810A is weathersealed.

An Electronic Front Curtain Shutter mode has been added to the D810A in order to make sure that the mirror will not move. This reduces vibrations, which is essential during long exposure photography.

The rest of the D810A specs list is identical to the one of the regular D810. The astrophotography version will become available at the end of May 2015 for a price of $3,799.95.

Nikon D810A is available for pre-order at Amazon right now. The conventional D810 is available for purchase at Amazon for about $3,000.

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