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Nikon D820 / D900 to feature 70-80MP sensor with 4K video


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Nikon is allegedly working on a successor for the D810, called D820 or D900, that will feature a Sony-made sensor with 70 to 80 megapixels and 4K video recording support.

The most rumored DSLR of recent years, Canon 5D Mark IV, will become official in August or September in order to be ready for the Photokina 2016. The camera will likely shoot 4K videos and come packed with numerous improvements over the aging 5D Mark III.

In an online article talking about the next-generation EOS 5D-series camera, user sickheadache claims that he has spoken with someone familiar with the matter, who said that the Nikon D820 or D900 will also offer 4K video recording capabilities.

Nikon D820 / D900 will reportedly come packed with a 70 to 80-megapixel sensor

The megapixel war is far from being over on the consumer market. Sony is selling the A7R II, a mirrorless camera with over 42 megapixels, while Canon is offering the 5DS and 5DS R DSLRs with more than 50 megapixels. It appears that Sony will raise the stakes with the so-called A9, that will employ a 70-80-megapixel sensor. In turn, Nikon will use the same sensor in the D810 replacement.

nikon-d820-sensor-rumors Nikon D820 / D900 to feature 70-80MP sensor with 4K video Rumors

Nikon D810 will be replaced by the D820 DSLR, which may employ a 70-80MP sensor from Sony.

There are some gossip talks about the likelihood of a Nikon D820 / D900 happening in the not so distant future. It will probably show up to the market sometime after the 5D Mark IV, which is not expected to have a big-megapixel sensor, like its 5D-series siblings.

Its main rival, Nikon, will once again partner with Sony in order to use the PlayStation maker’s sensor in its camera. The sensor will have anywhere between 70 to 80 megapixels. There are no details about its maximum ISO sensitivity or dynamic range, but the device will be able to record 4K videos.

In a follow-up comment, the user says that the sensor might even shoot up to 6K videos. In the past, there were mentions of 6K or 8K video recording in the Panasonic GH5, so we might be in for a great battle in the videography department.

Either way, the D810 camera was launched in mid-2014 and the D800 / D800E became available back in 2012. The Photokina 2016 event is fast-approaching, therefore we would not be surprised if the Nikon D820 / D900 makes an appearance sometime in the following few months.

Nevertheless, everything is based on rumor and speculation, which means that you should not jump to conclusions for now. Stay tuned to Camyx for more information!

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