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Nikon DF leaks again, as some rumors get debunked


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The Nikon DF is actually rumored to be the name of the retro full frame DSLR camera that will be launched in the near future.

It all started with a few simple words about Nikon developing a new full frame camera with a very retro design. Things have quickly escalated when the first set of specifications has been leaked on the web.

Shortly thereafter, a name has appeared online. The device was supposed to be called D4H and new, but contradictory specs were unleashed. Less than 24 hours ago, Nikon has begun teasing the shooter and it all seemed perfect.

nikon-df-photo Nikon DF leaks again, as some rumors get debunked Rumors

Nikon DF photo is taken from an upcoming “Pure Photography” teaser.

Nikon retro full frame camera to be called DF after all

Well, the saga is far from over and there are some rumors that need to be debunked. First of all, the name will not be D4H, instead the camera being called Nikon DF.

Additionally, the second set of contradictory specs is not real. This means that the full frame shooter will not sport a hybrid electronic-optical viewfinder, will not have a hybrid shutter, will not be powered by an EXPEED 3A processor and EN-EL15 battery, and will have an optical low-pass filter.

Nikon DF stands for “Digital Fusion”, tells us exactly nothing

The new details reveal that DF means Digital Fusion. It is unclear what Nikon is trying to say by that, but we should catch more details in the upcoming teaser, while the full story will be revealed on November 6.

If you are in Paris, France at the beginning of November, then you should go to the Le Salon de la Photo 2013 event, which opens its doors on November 7. It is fair to assume that the company and the new DF will both be present at the show.

More Nikon DF specs leaked, previous ones were fake

The new Nikon DF specs reveal that the retro DSLR will sport a 39-point AF system, just like the D610 and D600. This could be a major bummer, as photographers would have certainly appreciated an AF system with at least 51 focus points.

It is said that the camera will be able to capture photos at 1:1, 3:2, and 16:9 ratios. The latter is the weird aspect of the bunch, as the first set of intel, which is the real one, claims that the device will not be able to record videos at all.

Thankfully, we do not have to wait for very long so stay tuned for more information!

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