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Nikon DL24-85, DL18-50, and DL24-500 cameras to be announced soon


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Nikon will announce a total of seven compact cameras in the near future, three of them being premium models featuring 1-inch-type sensors. Their names have appeared on the web, while their launch event will take place in the near future.

The CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2016 begins on February 25. Just like before any major event, companies are announcing new products that will be on-display at these shows.

Canon and Pentax have already made their announcements, while Sigma and Tamron will both reveal new stuff within a couple of days or so. Nikon is another company that is planning to unveil brand new cameras and now we know that multiple products are coming.

The Japan-based company will introduce seven new cameras, including a trio of high-end compacts as part of a brand new series, called DL, such as the Nikon DL24-85.

Nikon DL24-85, DL18-50, and DL24-500 are the company’s premium compact cameras with 1-inch-type sensors

Nikon will drop the Coolpix branding from its premium compact camera line-up. The three units will be called Nikon DL24-85, DL18-50, and DL24-500 and will feature the same 1-inch-type image sensor.

nikon-coolpix-p900 Nikon DL24-85, DL18-50, and DL24-500 cameras to be announced soon Rumors

Nikon’s upcoming DL24-500 camera is rumored to resemble the looks of the Coolpix P900.

As Canon is competing against Sony’s line-up of 1-inch-type cameras, it is Nikon’s turn to do the same. The aforementioned names of the shooters are also revealing the focal lengths of their lenses.

This means that the DL24-85 will feature a 24-85mm lens, the DL18-50 will employ an 18-50mm lens, while the DL24-500mm will have a 24-500mm optic (the focal lengths are expressed in the full-frame equivalent).

The first two units will have a maximum aperture of f/1.8-2.8 and will both weigh 350 grams, while the third unit will offer a maximum aperture of f/2.8-5.6 and will have a weight of 830 grams.

Coolpix A300, A900, B500, and B700 cameras to be unveiled by Nikon soon, too

Four other cameras will show up at the same time as the DL-series shooters. They will be referred to as the Coolpix A300, A900, B500, and B700.

nikon-b500-manual-leaked Nikon DL24-85, DL18-50, and DL24-500 cameras to be announced soon Rumors

A page from the Nikon B500 manual was leaked on the web, revealing the camera’s design.

Nikon will release the A300 in black, pink, and silver colors for a price of $180, while the A900 will only show up in black and silver colors for a price of $450.

On the other hand, the B500 will become available in purple in and black flavors for about $310 and the B700 will be released in red and black colors for approximately $530.

By the looks of it, the A-series units will be compacts, while the B-series models will be bridge-styled cameras. Stay tuned to Camyx for the official announcements!

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