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Nikon F2D is a wooden replica of the original F2 SLR camera


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Photographer Cesar Sebouhian and his father have created a working F2 SLR replica out of wood and a modified touchscreen-enabled compact camera.

People who take photographs and who are really good at it are usually very creative individuals. Plenty of them tend to get bored quickly and they seem to want more from life, as they are always looking for something new.

nikon-f2d-vs-f2 Nikon F2D is a wooden replica of the original F2 SLR camera Exposure

Nikon F2D vs F2: the former is a wooden replica of the latter. It has been built by Cesar Sebouhian around a Coolpix camera with a touchscreen.

Photographer teams up with father to create a wooden replica of the original Nikon F2 SLR camera

Cesar Sebouhian also falls into this category. It is unclear whether or not he had a lot of time at his disposal, but he teamed up with his father and they have come up with the so-called Nikon F2D.

This camera is not available for sale and it is actually one of a kind. Its design is inspired by the original Nikon F2, a 35mm film SLR shooter sold between 1971 and 1980 by the Japanese company.

Sebouhian thought that it would be nice to have a retro-looking camera made out of wood, instead of aluminum, magnesium alloy, or other materials that give a metal look to old or new shooters.

nikon-f2d-touchscreen Nikon F2D is a wooden replica of the original F2 SLR camera Exposure

Nikon F2D touchscreen allows the photographer to control the camera’s settings and to review the shots.

Wooden Nikon F2D is based on a Coolpix digital camera with a touchscreen

The duo claims that the Nikon F2D is built around a point-and-shoot camera. A touchscreen can be accessed on the back, so it is evident that this is a digital shooter. Unfortunately, it is unclear what digital camera Sebouhian and his father have used to built this.

Nikon has released a lot of touchscreen-enabled cameras on the market, such as the Coolpix S100, which can be purchased at Amazon for $139.99.

Additionally, Nikon has released the Coolpix S6400 and the S4300, the latter being available for sale at Amazon for $101.99.

nikon-f2d-buttons Nikon F2D is a wooden replica of the original F2 SLR camera Exposure

Photographer and his father have been careful to place the Nikon F2D buttons in the same location as the original ones.

“People get confused” when seeing a wooden camera, says Cesar Sebouhian

The wooden Nikon F2D can zoom in pretty easily with the help of a button placed in the front. The shutter button is located in the same spot as the original version, while the viewfinder lock button is aimed at turning the camera on/off.

On the bottom of the shooter, there is a special compartment for the SD card.

Either way, the photographer admits that people tend to look at him in a “confused” manner while shooting on the street, probably because they have never seen cameras made out of ebony imported from Indonesia, which is referred to as “Ebène de Macassar” in France.

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