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Nikon offering free D600 replacement for faulty cameras


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Nikon has announced that D600 DSLR camera owners who are still troubled by spot issues will have their camera replaced with a new D600 or an “equivalent model” for free.

Immediately after the launch of the Nikon D600, photographers have discovered that their DSLR cameras are affected by an annoying issue: dust spots on their photos.

It has been revealed that after triggering the shutter a few hundred times (thousands of times in some cases), dust adheres to the image sensor’s optical low-pass filter. As a result, the dust particles appear as dust spots on the photos, rendering them unusable.

A lot of time has passed until Nikon has finally acknowledged the problem. Eventually, the company has decided to repair faulty D600 cameras at no extra charge.

Nevertheless, granular dust spots were still building up on the camera’s sensor even after being serviced, so Nikon has just decided to take things to the next level. The company is now offering to replace faulty D600 cameras with new units or equivalent models for free.

Free Nikon D600 replacement for photographers still experiencing dust accumulation issues

nikon-d600 Nikon offering free D600 replacement for faulty cameras News and Reviews

Nikon has announced that it is replacing faulty D600 camera with a new D600 or an equivalent model for free.

Nikon has issued a support announcement for the users, saying that it will continue to service D600 DSLRs even if the warranty has already expired.

Moreover, if photographers notice that the dust spots are still there after undergoing repairs, then the Japanese company will replace the D600 with a new device. However, if the D600 is out of stock, then an equivalent model will be sent to the users.

It is unclear whether the company will replace the camera “just like that” or if the owners must specifically ask for a replacement. What is certain is that the Japanese manufacturer will also pay for the entire shipping costs.

Nikon D610 could be the “equivalent model” of the D600

The equivalent of the D600 can be the Nikon D610, a DSLR released in October 2013 to replace the faulty predecessor.

The relatively new full frame camera employs an improved internal design which prevents dust from accumulating on the sensor. Additionally, it features a faster continuous speed and a so-called Quiet Continuous Shutter mode that reduces the noises made by the device.

Amazon is currently selling the Nikon D610 for a price under $1,900. However, the D600 is still in stock, courtesy of the retailer’s third-party sellers, for about $1,500.

Contact your local Nikon store in order to find out how can you get a repair or replacement and do not rule out the possibility that the company could send you a refurbished D600 to replace your faulty D600.

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