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Nikon Image Space officially replacing myPicturetown on January 28th


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Nikon announced that it will close the myPicturetown website, in order to open a new cloud-based service, called Nikon Image Space.

Nikon Image Space officially coming on January 28.

Nikon is closing myPicturetown on January 28th, with the goal of opening a new photo sharing website called Nikon Image Space. The new service will offer several improved features when compared to the old website, while myPicturetown accounts and content will be transferred to the new website.

The legacy of a six year old service

Nikon will launch a new image sharing website as of January 28th. The new online storage space will provide a similar experience to former myPicturetown service, allowing users to share images and videos, organize content, and backup multimedia files, says the company’s press release.

Nikon Image Space will be available for all users, including people who do not own Nikon equipment. 2GB of free space will be accessible for free users, while paid accounts will have access to more features and storage space. The company’s new storage space will be launched on January 28th, as of 8PM Tokyo time.

myPicturetown will be closed forever, in order to make room for the new service, which offers an enhanced user interface, an improved window layout, and more features. Nikon confirmed that the new website has been completely overhauled when compared to the older version.

Most important features of Nikon Image Space

Free accounts will be divided into two categories: Basic and Special. Users of the former will receive up to 2GB of free storage space, while the latter’s owners will have access to 20GB of storage. In order to activate a Special account, users have to add a digital camera to their account. In addition, they will receive more features, password-protected file support, and the ability to prevent internet users from downloading their photos.

Nikon claims enhanced usability that improve photo operations, such as uploading, viewing, organizing and sharing. A new image background has been selected as well, which follows the idea of keeping the users more relaxed. Images and videos will upload quicker, said the press release. Additionally, the press release specifies that photos will be easier to edit.

Users will have to ability to share their images on social networking websites, including Facebook and Twitter. More details about Nikon Image Space will be revealed at the CP+ 2013 event, which opens its doors next week. During the event, the camera maker is expected to launch at least one new full-frame lens.

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