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New Nikon Image Space storage service goes online


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Nikon has officially launched a new cloud-based image storage website called Nikon Image Space. It is here to replace the older myPicturetown and it is now open to internet users worldwide.

nikon-image-space-officially-online New Nikon Image Space storage service goes online News and Reviews

The new Nikon Image Space has arrived to replace myPicturetown online storage.

Last week, Nikon announced that it will replace the myPicturetown website with a “newer and better” service named Nikon Image Space. The Tokyo-based company kept its word and it introduced the new website to users across the world.

New Nikon Image Space storage features

The company says that entire service has been revamped, when compared to the older myPicturetown. Main “Special” account benefits include 20GB of personal storage space, password-protected album sharing, original data sharing support, and the ability to restrict downloading of shared content.

A special account will be available for users who register their Nikon camera. People who own any other type of camera or who do not have a camera at all, have access to only 2GB of storage space. They can still share photos, however, access to all the “cool” features specified above will be forbidden.

Nikon Image Space features explained

Up to ten thousand photos are said to be enough to fill 20GB of storage space. Users will be able to organize the photos into albums, while some of these albums can be password-protected. This is helpful in case account owners want to share the photos with a specific group of friends.

JPEG is supported, but most users want to share high-quality photos and the metadata associated with them. Nikon claims that NEF, NRW, TIFF and many other image file formats are supported by the Image Space service. If photographers do not want to allow other users to download their photos, then they will have the ability to restrict the downloading of shared photos.

What happens to myPicturerown account holders?

All myPicturetown accounts will be transferred to the newer Nikon Image Space image sharing service. User account information remained the same for all users, as the credentials have not changed. The online image storage website consists of two types of accounts, Basic and Special. The former offers 2GB, while the latter offers 20GB of free storage.

Upgrading to a Special account is easy, as an upgrade software is available on Nikon’s website – just download the program, connect the camera to a computer, and register the camera details on the website. The company announced that myPicturetown mobile apps will still work, however, they will be replaced in “Spring 2013” by newer and improved Nikon Image Space applications.

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