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Nikon files for patent describing hybrid viewfinder


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Nikon has filed for three patents which would allow photographers to change lenses in the dark and switch between electronic and optical viewfinders in an instant.

Companies must constantly work on new ways of improving their technologies in order to deliver better products to consumers.

Nikon is one of the Japanese companies which strives to bring the latest and the best to photographers. Although it does not find itself among the top 20 patent holders in the United States, the Tokyo-based manufacturer is still filing for lots of patents that are aiming to provide better and better features to photographers.

The latest pair of licenses will focus on making lensmen’s lives a lot easier when changing lenses and switching between viewfinders.

Nikon will provide an LED light to illuminate its cameras while switching lenses in low-light environments

Patent number 2013-57757 refers to adding an LED light into the camera. This would call for proper lens substitution in low-light conditions. Instead of illuminating the lens, Nikon is looking to add a light source somewhere into the camera and a possible destination may be the company’s logo.

Next Nikon cameras may feature a hybrid viewfinder

The next patent (2013-54232) concerns viewfinder technology. Switching between electronic and optical viewfinders does not take too long, but it is enough to lose the possibility of taking the perfect shot.

Nikon will fix this issue by providing a new technique, which would allow instant switching between optical and electronic VFs. The source who provided the story says that the system will be very similar to the one found in the Fujifilm X100 and X-Pro1.

For the time being, there are no indications leading to a possible Nikon camera with a hybrid viewfinder.

Damaged or dirty lens? No worries, your camera will still be able to recognize it

Last but not least, patent number 2013-58840 represents a technology that provides double contacts between the camera and lens mounts. This is necessary for those times when the contacts are dirty or even damaged, preventing photographers from mounting the lens on the camera.

The addition of an extra set of contacts means that photographers would have a backup plan in case the lens becomes damaged one way or another, says the patent application.

As stated above, there is no information available regarding the next camera which may feature one of these technologies. If such opportunity arises, then Nikon will surely let the whole world know.

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