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Nikon professional mirrorless camera might happen one day


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Nikon is not excluding the possibility of launching a high-end mirrorless camera, which could feature a full frame sensor, aimed at professional photographers sometime in the future.

The interviews with representatives of digital camera manufacturers are pouring in! After a Canon executive has revealed that the EOS maker is thinking about launching a new lens mount, a Nikon manager has declared a similar thing and has invited industry watchers not to rule out the possibility of a professional mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

The statement comes from Dirk Jasper, Product Manager of Professional Products Planning Division at Nikon Europe, in an interview with Amateur Photographer at Photokina 2014.

nikon-1-v3 Nikon professional mirrorless camera might happen one day News and Reviews

Nikon 1 V3 is a mirrorless camera which is selling well, says a company rep. Dirk Jasper has also said that a professional mirrorless camera with a larger image sensor could still happen one day.

Nikon employee defends 1-system cameras, criticizes other mirrorless camera makers

One of the questions asked to Dirk Jasper referred to Nikon’s 1-system mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. As mirrorless sales seem to be increasing, it is natural to question the company’s inability to introduce a model with a bigger sensor than the 1-inch-type models of the 1-system.

This question has been raised because Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and Canon are all offering mirrorless cameras with larger-than-1-inch-type sensors.

Nikon’s Product Manager has defended the 1-series saying that it offers great value to photographers. Mr. Jasper has also added that the new 1 V3 has been welcomed by consumers and that is the reason why the manufacturer has been unable to keep up with the demand.

Furthermore, he somewhat criticized other systems, saying that they are missing the point. The representative claims that these devices are “compact” system cameras, but its competitors are not keeping the size down by putting large sensors in them.

Nikon professional mirrorless camera is a possibility for the future

After defending the company’s 1-system line-up, Dirk Jasper has moved on to the more important stuff. When asked about the possibility of a pro-grade mirrorless solution, Nikon’s Product Manager has said that such product “might happen one day”.

The problem is that the manufacturer’s philosophy is to offer the best possible solution for professional photographers, which is represented by a DSLR camera. This means that “a second best solution” would not make sense at this point because “there are no second places” in this industry.

The good thing is that a Nikon professional mirrorless camera is on the Japan-based company’s agenda and that it is not ruling out any possibilities.

Despite all that, potential buyers should not hold their breath over this one because it still has a long way to go before coming to the market.

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