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Nikon School to teach photographers how to use their DSLRs this April


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Nikon has officially announced that is going to open a training school in London, UK as of April 2013.

Nikon is one of the biggest digital camera vendors in the world. The company is looking to teach its customers how to make use of its DSLR cameras through the so-called “Nikon School”.

Nikon opening “Nikon School” training facility in London

nikon-school Nikon School to teach photographers how to use their DSLRs this April News and Reviews

Nikon School will be opened into the heart of London, two minutes away from the Oxford Circus. Nikon will teach photographers how to use their DSLR cameras at the company’s Centre of Excellence.

The Nikon School is going to be a training facility for photographers who want to learn everything about photography. A lot of courses have already been confirmed,while the training camp will begin as of April 2013.

General Manager, John Walshe, confirmed that the training facility will be placed right into the heart of London, near the Oxford Circus. The photography school will be opened at the Nikon Centre of Excellence.

The company is constantly developing new technologies and cameras, in order to achieve “the very best” in photography. However, the new school is aimed at photographers who want to learn and who want to achieve their maximum creative potential.

The training courses will not be free, as participants will be asked to pay a fee, depending on the course they are taking. The advantage is that the seminars can be booked online and the company has provided a £20 discount coupon: aclc2kfojh. Enter this code and you will receive a £20 discount!

Nikon School will offer training courses for the following DSLR cameras:

  • D3, D3X, and D700;
  • D300 and D300S;
  • D4;
  • D5100;
  • D5200;
  • D600;
  • D7000;
  • D800.

The Japan-based manufacturer will also offer courses not specific to cameras. “Introduction to Photography” seminars will be held at the Centre of Excellence in London, in order to teach beginner photographers the basics of photography.

People who work during weekdays or who are unable to attend the meetings should be aware that Nikon is holding courses on Saturdays, too. All dates and information can be found at the company’s official UK website.

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