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Nikon smartphone camera patent shows up on online


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Nikon has just patented several new products, including a camera that can be attached to smartphones, using a different approach when compared to the Sony QX-series.

In an effort to diversify its digital imaging offer, Nikon is working on a camera that employs a lens system which can be mounted on smartphones, as described in a recently-leaked patent.

Even though it may sound like the idea is similar to Sony’s series of QX-cameras that look like lenses, the approach of the Japanese FX and DX camera maker is dissimilar to the one of the PlayStation maker.

nikon-smartphone-camera-patent Nikon smartphone camera patent shows up on online Rumors

Nikon is working on a way to allow smartphones users to insert their devices into a camera.

Nikon smartphone camera patent describes a module based on a Ricoh GXR and Samsung concept combo

It appears that Nikon has taken a very close look at the Ricoh GXR, a camera which allows photographers to change its sensor, the lens, and even the image processor.

Another source of inspiration for the Japan-based company seems to be a Samsung NX-S1 concept by a Polish designer named Donnie Rei.

samsung-nx-s1-concept Nikon smartphone camera patent shows up on online Rumors

This is the Samsung NX-S1 concept by Donnie Rei. A smartphone would be introduced into the body of a camera, allowing users to control the camera using the interface of the smartphone.

The Nikon smartphone camera patent is describing a way that gives users the possibility of adding a smartphone into a camera body. This way, photographers will be able to easily control the shooter using a mobile device.

Furthermore, when the smartphone is not inserted into its spot, the camera can be controlled remotely via WiFi.

It is worth noting that it is unclear whether this is a mirrorless or compact shooter and which smartphones will be supported, so we should wait for more information for the time being.

New wide-angle 28mm f/2.8 lens could make its way into the Nikon Coolpix A replacement

Nikon has also patented a new wide-angle prime lens for 1-system mirrorless or cameras with APS-C sensors. The patent is describing a 28mm lens (the 35mm focal length equivalent) with a maximum aperture of f/2.8.

Another possibility is that this lens has been designed for the Coolpix A replacement, which is rumored to make an appearance in early 2015.

The flagship Coolpix camera employs an identical lens, hence the company’s fans should not act surprised if its replacement will feature a similar optic.

Mirrorless camera users could get a Nikon 9-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens soon

Finally, a Nikon 9-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens has been patented for 1-series mirrorless cameras. The optic will provide a 35mm focal length equivalent of approximately 24-365mm, essentially becoming the perfect all-round zoom lens for travel photographers.

The company released multiple MILCs in 2014, but users are demanding more lenses in spite of all these actions. Their expectations could be met in the near future, so we are inviting everybody to stay tuned in order to find out the latest Nikon rumors!

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