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Nissin Di700 flash gun officially announced


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Kenro has officially unveiled the Nissin Di700 flash gun at the Focus on Imaging 2013 event in the United Kingdom.

Nissin flash guns are some of the most popular accessories for camera owners. The brand’s official UK distributor, Kenro, took its time to announce a new model at an event which takes place on the island.

nissin-di700 Nissin Di700 flash gun officially announced News and Reviews

Nissin Di700 features a zoom range between 24 and 200mm and a color temperature of 5,600K.

Nissin Di700 announced at Focus on Imaging 2013 event

It is called Nissin Di700 and it finds itself at the series’ second-generation. It is an advanced flash gun that will become available in the “coming months”, revealed Kenro.

Kenro Managing Director Paul Kench added that the new flash gun will come packed with several innovative features. The Di700 was designed to focus exclusively on the needs of the photographers.

According to Kenro, the new Nissin flash supports multiple light changes, allowing photographers to choose from various light options during professional photo shoots.

The flash gun has an extended zoom range, when compared to the previous generation

The new camera accessory features a zoom range between 24 and 200mm. At maximum zoom range it can achieve a guide number (GN) of 50.

Additionally, the flash sports a recycling time between 0.1 and 4 seconds and it can withstand 200 to 1,500 flashes during a single photo shoot. Its maximum number of flashes depends on various settings, though Kenro said that photographers will learn to use the Di700 at its maximum potential in no time.

The new gun is described as a “versatile” flash, thanks to its rotating lock release button. Moreover, the Di700 can tilt up with 90 degrees, it can rotate horizontally with 180 degrees, and it can tilt forward with seven degrees, making it ideal for macro photography.

Nissin to launch it soon with support for Nikon, Sony, and Canon DSLR cameras

The Nissin Di700 flash gun also boasts a color temperature of 5,600K and high-speed synchronization. Speaking of which, it can be mounted on Nikon, Sony, and Canon DSLR cameras. The release date of the accessory has been scheduled for April 2013, though the price tag remains unknown.

Kenro and Nissin will distribute the flash gun along with the Power Pack PS 8, which features a capacity of 3,000mAh. The external battery will increase the flash counter, while decreasing recycling time. This means that action and wildlife photographers will benefit from the enhanced speed, when the Di700 flash gun will become available on the market.

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