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There is no 7D Mark II, but don’t rule out a Canon 7D C or 8D


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During the past weekend, the rumor mill has revealed that Canon does not have any plans to release the EOS 7D Mark II, though an EOS 7D C or EOS 8D should not be ruled out entirely.

Prosumers have been entirely disappointed by the DSLR camera manufacturers throughout 2013. Their desire to see at least two high-end APS-C cameras released on the market has not become true and it looks like 2014 will follow the same path, as the Canon 7D and Nikon D300s replacement are nowhere to be seen.

Simply put, the Canon 7D Mark II does not exist and will not come to life

According to an inside source, Canon is not working on the EOS 7D Mark II. This DSLR will never be released, as the company is aiming to reshape its camera line-up. It appears that this will be the biggest change in the Japanese manufacturer’s history.

For the time being, the Canon 7D remains the flagship, but it has been released a long time ago. Moreover, the EOS 70D is packing enough technology, including Dual Pixel CMOS AF, to make a lot of customers happy.

EOS 7D replacement might be coming and could be called Canon 7D C or 8D

canon-7d-replacement There is no 7D Mark II, but don't rule out a Canon 7D C or 8D Rumors

Canon 7D replacement might be under development, but it is not the 7D Mark II – it might be called 7D C or 8D.

Nevertheless, sources are saying that even if we can rule out the 7D Mark II, then we should not rule out a 7D replacement. It appears that the successor will simply have a different name. In the past, we have heard that the DSLR might be called Canon 8D, so this is a plausible thing.

Furthermore, the company has been focusing on videographic capabilities and the 1D X flagship has a Cinema EOS counterpart: the 1D C. If the flagship APS-C DSLR series follows the same trend, then the Canon 7D C is a strong possibility for the future.

Canon might rush things only if Nikon launches the D400

The EOS 7D replacement has been rumored to feature a 24-megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor, same 61-point AF system as the 5D Mark III, continuous shooting mode of up to 12fps, Dual Digic 5+ processor, built-in WiFi and GPS, high ISO quality, and a sole SD card slot among others.

The low-end full frame Canon DSLR is the EOS 6D, which is currently available for $1,499 at Amazon. Considering the fact that the 8D / 7D C price might stand at $2,000, it will be hard to imagine that a lot of photographers will choose an APS-C model over a full frame one.

This is why we can be entirely sure that the company is in no hurry to launch a product on the market just for the sake of it, especially when Nikon is also delaying the D400 launch. Still no high-end APS-C cameras in sight for 2014, but never say never and remember to take this rumor with a pinch of salt.

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