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North Korea used Photoshop to make its hovercraft fleet bigger


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North Korea has photoshopped an image of its hovercraft fleet, in order to make its army appear more numerous and threatening.

North Korea does not need an introduction. However, for those unaware of the current situation, it is worth noting that the country is currently threatening their neighbors from South Korea with some sort of nuclear bombs.

north-korea-photoshop-hovercraft-fleet North Korea used Photoshop to make its hovercraft fleet bigger Fun

North Korea photoshopped its hovercraft fleet, making it appear like it is more powerful.

North Korea is letting the world know it can use Photoshop

The country’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, has also bullied the United States and he is trying to make his army look more dangerous than it actually is. For now, the US and South Korean forces are making drills in the region, but nobody is attacking just yet.

As stated above, North Korea wants to be acknowledged as the greatest force of this planet, although many of the country’s inhabitants are starving.

In 2011, it has been proven that the country’s “IT specialists” have discovered Adobe Photoshop, as they have used the image-editing tool to adjust a photo of Kim Jong-Il’s funerals. Kim Jong-Il is the father of Un and the former leader of the Asian nation.

north-korea-photoshop-military North Korea used Photoshop to make its hovercraft fleet bigger Fun

The couple of hovercrafts photoshopped by North Korea.

North Korea photoshopped its navy to look more menacing

It seems like the Koreans have re-discovered Photoshop, as they have edited another image. This time, they wanted to make their navy more imposing, by duplicating a couple of hovercrafts.

Eight hovercrafts can be seen in the image. Two of them are on the beach, while the other six are riding the waves and waiting to hit the shores. However, two of the six units seem to have been copy-pasted from one place to another.

The similarities cannot be spotted with ease, suggesting that the country’s graphic designers are getting better at this, but zooming in makes everything more visible.

The image has been released by the Korean Central News Agency, which is risking to become a laughing stock if it continues to publish such photos.

At the time of writing this article, North Korea’s news agency has not issued a response to the allegations.

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