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Ray Collins makes ocean waves look like mountains


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Photographer Ray Collins is fascinated by the oceans and mountains alike, so he has revealed a series of beautiful photos in which ocean waves look like mountains.

Ray Collins is an Australian photographer who has always lived next to the ocean, so you can say that he is a big fan of saltwater, waves, and surfing. However, nobody cannot not be impressed by mountains, no matter how much fascination they have for the seas. In order to bring the mountains closer to him, Ray Collins has taken a different approach. The artist is capturing stunning photos of ocean waves that look like mountain tops.

Photographer masterfully composes photos to make ocean waves look like mountains

The photographer says that he feels more comfortable in saltwater riding the waves or capturing beautiful seascapes than he feels on land. The artist says that this happens because he is living in Australia and he has always been near the ocean.

Nevertheless, Ray Collins is aware of the power of ocean waves and has huge respect for the nature. He says that he has been surfing for a lifetime and that he enjoys capturing photos that show the awesomeness of the vast seas.

One of the most amazing projects that are the work of the photographer consists of photos of ocean waves that look like mountains. Lighting and composition are key things in photography, therefore Ray Collins is combining these two in his seascapes in order to give them the appearance of mountain ranges.

The way he manages to capture the ocean is unique and it is hard to deny that his seascapes are some of the best out there.

Ray Collins went from casual photography to becoming an award-winning artist working for famous brands in a few years

Ray Collins purchased his first camera back in 2007. In under two years from that moment, he managed to become an award-winning photographer. Moreover, his works have been displayed during exhibitions in museums as well as galleries in Australia, Europe, and the US.

Winning awards is special, but there is more to come from Ray Collins. His unique style has attracted the attention of world-renowned brands, which have chosen to use his shots in their marketing campaigns.

The list of companies which have used the artist’s photos are Apple, Isuzu, Nikon, Red Bull, and United Airlines. Moreover, the National Geographic has also commended Ray Collins for his photos, while his work has been published by CNN, ESPN, Yahoo, and the Huffington Post among others.

As usual, more information as well as photos can be found at the photographer’s official website.

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