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Oceanography may become cheaper thanks to DiveBot underwater camcorder


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A Canadian company has revealed a new project consisting of a remotely-controlled underwater camcorder called DiveBot.

F5 Innovations is a company based in Canada which is specialized in robotics. The company develops custom photography equipment and other robotics gear for police and military use. Additionally, there is an underwater ROV among these, which costs about $10,000 Canadian dollars.

The company, through its F5 Robotics subsidiary, is now looking to build an underwater ROV that will be far cheaper than its current robot. It is called DiveBot and an IndieGogo campaign is underway, in order to raise the funds required to start developing this underwater camcorder.

divebot-underwater-camcorder Oceanography may become cheaper thanks to DiveBot underwater camcorder News and Reviews

DiveBot, as envisioned by F5 Robotics, will be an underwater vehicle that records 720p HD videos and submerges to 1,000 feet depths.

DiveBot will be more appealing for aspiring oceanographers

DiveBot will be a deep-diving vehicle with the ability to record videos. The base model will cost only CA$600 for people who will pre-order it, though its retail price will go higher.

Anyway, the underwater vehicle will be able to submerge to depths of 500 feet. This is just the low-end version, as F5 Robotics is preparing other versions as well.

If one pays CA$350 more, then he will get a 720p HD video recording-ready DiveBot, which will also be capable of submerging to 1,000 feet depths. The company will sweeten the deal with a dual-joystick, which will serve as a remote control for the underwater camcorder.

However, the buyers will still have to purchase a separate display for the remote control. Only 15 such units will be made and they will cost CA$1,200 each, while pre-orderers will only pay CA$950 for a unit.

DiveBot Deluxe will be the “real deal”

DiveBot Deluxe will be the name of the high-end underwater vehicle. It will become available for pre-order at a price of CA$1,500 and will include a 7-inch display on the dual-joystick remote control.

Furthermore, the remote control will be covered in a waterproof Pelican case and will support tethering from a distance of 150 feet. The regular joystick can only be tethered from 50 feet, which is still a decent distance.

The IndieGogo project needs only CA$7,500. DiveBot’s funding campaign started yesterday, meaning that it had 29 days at its disposal at the time of writing this article. Only CA$25 have been donated so far, but the CA$7,500 target can be achieved until March 12.

Let us know what do you think about the project in the comments section below the article!

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