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Witty photos making fun on the weirdest laws in the US


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Photographer Olivia Locher has revealed a photo series depicting bizarre scenarios making fun on the weirdest laws found in specific locations around the United States.

The United States of America is a country that comprises multiple states. In order to make it work, some states have their own laws, meaning that something may be prohibited in New York while being allowed in Massachusetts.

This is just one example, but photographer Olivia Locher has decided to dig deeper into this. The result is a fun photo series, called “I fought the law”, that highlights some of the weirdest laws in places such as Kansas, Oregon, Utah, Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Maine.

Olivia Locher’s creative photo series pokes fun at the weirdest laws in the US

The photos are pretty well made, but they would be hard to comprehend without any “instructions”. For example, one photos consists of a woman lifting weights dressed in a leather suit while driving a car. This is a bizarre scenario, but it pokes fun at a law found in Oregon which specifies that “one may not test their physical endurance while driving a car on a highway”.

If you are planning on taking a trip to the state of Tennessee, then you would better not sell hollow logs during your visit. A state’s law says that you cannot do this, although selling “filled” logs is acceptable.

Furthermore, once you arrive in Maine you should control the urge of tickling a woman under the chin using a feather duster. However, if you find another household object, you can totally tickle any female under her chin.

Laws are never useless, but one in Connecticut is definitely walking a fine line. Apparently, if pickles do not bounce, they then cannot be considered pickles.

Someone, somewhere, sometime has definitely been upset about something

Breaking the law in Utah is rather easy because a lot of people feel the need to walk down the street while carrying a violin in a paper bag. Jokes aside, make sure that you carry a violin in recipients other than a paper bag in Utah.

Visiting Wisconsin and want to grab something to eat? Well, you can choose an apple pie. However, make sure that it is served with cheese because Wisconsin restaurants are forced by the law to add cheese into apple pies.

The law is also stating that you are not allowed to serve wine in teacups while in Kansas. You can serve wine in a broken glass, but not in teacups. Another illegal thing to do consists of wearing transparent clothing in Rhode Island.

As you can imagine, these laws have probably been put in place because someone, sometime used to behave in a strange manner. Thankfully, Olivia Locher has come to our rescue by teaching us which laws not to break in various states.

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