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Olivia Muus shows subjects in art paintings taking selfies


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Photographer Olivia Muus has visited art museums in order to captures photos of the subjects in paintings to make them look like they are taking selfies in a mirror.

Self-portraits have been around for decades, possibly since the dawn of film photography. However, selfies have risen to popularity when the smartphone has also become a popular gadget.

Nowadays, almost everyone with a camera admits to capturing selfies. This word is so widely used that it has been put into the dictionary. Moreover, “selfie” has received the “Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013” award because it has been 17,000 times more popular than in 2012 among others.

Nevertheless, selfies are not usually associated with art or artistic photography. Well, photographer Olivia Muus is aiming to change this aspect with the help of the “#museumofselfie” project, which consists of subjects of art paintings taking selfies.

#museumofselfie photo project is all about art paintings taking selfies

It may sound unusual for a painting to capture selfies, but creativity is key when it comes to art. With the use of clever perspective, photographer Olivia Muus is adding a hand in front of paintings, then captures a shot with a regular camera, making it look like the subjects are capturing selfies in a mirror.

While the painters of these masterpieces have probably spend hours or even days to create the paintings, it usually takes the photographer a few minutes to grab a perfect selfie.

Olivia Muus is not using Photoshop or other image-editing programs to perform any editings to the shots. These are the real deal and the #museumofselfie project is gaining lots of attention on social media websites, such as Instagram and Facebook.

The series is only at the beginning, but we can expect the photographer to update it in the future. Whether it is meant to mock the selfie culture or to show us how people living in centuries long gone would have looked like taking a selfie in a mirror, the shots are funny enough to make you laugh.

More details about artist Olivia Muus

The creator of the amusing #museumofselfie project is a “half-Danish, half-Finnish/Swedish” art director currently based in Denmark.

Olivia Muus graduated from the Danish School of Media in 2012 and she has worked as an art director at multiple companies.

The artist has been involved in some interesting projects, such as building up hype around the “True Blood” and “Game of Thrones” series in her country.

More details about Olivia and her work can be found at her personal website.

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