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Olympus 400mm f/4 lens coming in 2014 for Sony A-mount cameras


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The partnership between Sony and Olympus may soon come to fruition, as the latter is currently developing a 400mm f/4 lens for the former’s upcoming full frame and APS-C A-mount cameras.

The rumors about Sony usually become true. This year may prove to be an exception, as the Japan-based company has been rumored to announce a NEX-7 replacement for quite a while and nothing has been released so far.

olympus-400mm-f4-lens-sony-a-mount Olympus 400mm f/4 lens coming in 2014 for Sony A-mount cameras Rumors

The Sony-Olympus partnership is said to produce its first results in early 2014. Olympus will release a 400mm f/4 lens for A-mount cameras, while Sony will manufacture Micro Four Thirds image sensors for PEN and OM-D cameras.

Olympus-Sony partnership finally producing results

However, it has been discovered that the reason for the delay is the entire revamp of the Sony camera lineup. The PlayStation-maker is no longer willing to sit behind Canon and Nikon in the camera industry, therefore it needs to be more aggressive. According to the rumor mill, several new full frame and APS-C A-mount shooters will be introduced in early 2014.

Even though this information has been leaked to the public, inside sources are not considering to stop here. People familiar with the matter have revealed that Olympus will provide at least a couple of lenses for Sony’s upcoming A-mount devices.

Olympus 400mm f/4 lens for Sony A-mount cameras to be announced in 2014

Olympus and Sony have become friends in the fall of 2012 when the latter bought plenty of the former’s stakes. Although it should have been about medical equipment, the two parties have decided to take their relationship further earlier this year, therefore Sony has acquired a total of 35 million Olympus shares, becoming its largest shareholder.

It has been revealed that the PEN camera maker will launch two optics for A-mount shooters. One of these is “definitely” the Olympus 400mm f/4 lens, while the other one remains a mystery.

Sony will manufacture image sensors for Olympus’ Micro Four Thirds cameras

Nevertheless, the partnership will not end there, as Sony will return the favor by providing cutting-edge image sensors for Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Although a lot of people hoped that Olympus will switch to either A or E-mount, it seems like the company will actually start using Sony image sensors in its devices for now.

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