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Olympus 9mm f/1.8 PRO lens coming soon to the market


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The Olympus 9mm PRO-series lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras is rumored to feature a maximum aperture of f/1.8 instead of f/2.8, as previously rumored.

In recent times, Olympus has announced the development of PRO-series lenses. This line-up will consist of high-end optics which will provide amazing image quality. For the time being, only one model has joined the series: the 12-40mm f/2.8 lens, offering a 35mm focal length equivalent of 24-80mm.

The company has acknowledged that it is working on a few other PRO lenses. However, not a single one of them has received a proper launch event. Things are supposed to change in the near future and they are supposed to include the introduction of a 9mm optic with a maximum aperture of f/1.8.

olympus-9mm-lens Olympus 9mm f/1.8 PRO lens coming soon to the market Rumors

Olympus 9mm f/8 lens is also acting as a body-cap for Micro Four Thirds cameras. However, it seems like the company is looking to provide a real 9mm lens, one which features an f/1.8 maximum aperture.

Olympus’ 9mm PRO-series lens will actually feature an f/1.8 aperture instead of f/2.8

An unnamed source is reporting that Olympus will actually provide a wider aperture for 9mm users. Previous information has pointed to a maximum aperture of f/2.8, while newer details are claiming that this product will actually allow users to take photos at a wider aperture setting of f/1.8, reveals 43rumors.

The Olympus 9mm f/1.8 PRO lens still does not have a release date, nor an announcement date. Nevertheless, it is still said to become official very soon, so we should not rule out the possibility of seeing the product at the Photokina 2014 or a few days before the world’s largest digital imaging event taking place in Cologne, Germany this September.

Olympus 9mm f/1.8 PRO lens set to become a very compact optic

The old specs list of the 9mm PRO-series lens said that the product will consist of eight elements split into seven groups. Its body will be made out of plastic and metal, but the lens will remain very lightweight and compact, in order to be in line with mirrorless cameras using Micro Four Thirds sensors.

As the focal length will definitely stand at 9mm, the optic will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of 18mm. The lens will also bear a distance scale and will be sold for around 91,000 yen / $890-$900.

It has been mentioned that the lens will not come with Snapshot Focus and focus-by-wire support.

The Snapshot Focus system would allow users to pull back the focus ring to set the focus scale manually, while the absence of focus-by-wire means that the focus ring will be linked mechanically to the internal parts of the lens.

Take this with a pinch of salt and stay tuned to see how the story unfolds!

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