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Olympus 9mm f/2.8 lens specs and price leaked on the web


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More information about the Olympus 9mm f/2.8 lens has been leaked on the web, including its specs, price, and the confirmation that it will be announced in the near future.

The rumor mill began claiming in the spring of 2014 that Olympus is developing a 9mm f/2.8 PRO-series lens . No other details have surfaced so far, so a lot of people have begun wondering about the future optics waiting to be added to the Micro Four Thirds line-up.

Another source has decided to break some more news about the aforementioned product. As a result, we can now present a bunch of Olympus 9mm f/2.8 lens specs along with a possible price range.

Olympus 9mm f/2.8 lens will not feature Snapshot Focus, nor focus-by-wire

olympus-12-40mm-f2.8 Olympus 9mm f/2.8 lens specs and price leaked on the web Rumors

The Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 lens is the first PRO series model. The 9mm f/2.8 lens could become the second model of the series.

The upcoming Olympus 9mm f/2.8 optic will sport an internal design made out of eight elements divided into seven groups. The body will be made out of plastic and metal materials, while offering distance focus markers.

According to this new source, the lens will not come packed with the Snapshot Focus mechanism, meaning that users will not be able to pull back the ring in order to manually set the focus distance.

Moreover, the product will not support focus-by-wire, a technology which has been available in most Olympus lenses released in recent years. Focus-by-wire means that even the manual focus is done via a motor, so it seems like this lens will be using mechanical parts.

Although it will feature some mechanical parts, the Olympus 9mm f/2.8 lens will be very compact in order to have the edge over its competitors.

Olympus to sell its new 9mm lens for about $900, to announce it soon

The source has not labeled it as a “PRO” series lens. However, the product will be released for 91,000 yen or about $900. This is quite hefty, thus suggesting that it will be a high-quality, expensive PRO-series optic.

An exact announcement date has not been provided, although that date should not be so far away. With the Photokina 2014 taking place in mid-September, an unveiling before the end of August is more than likely, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can buy the other Olympus 9mm lens, which serves as a body cap which is available at Amazon for about $100.

On the other hand, the single Olympus PRO lens, the 12-40mm f/2.8, can be purchased at Amazon for about $1,000.

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