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Olympus E-M6 release date scheduled for September 2013


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Olympus has just launched the PEN E-P5, but the rumor mill is already talking about the future of the OM-D series, which will be expanded with the help of the E-M6 later this year.

The Olympus E-P5 has been the worst-kept secret of the Japanese company of all time, which is uncanny for a group that managed to hide its financial losses for quite some time.

Anyway, it seems like “transparency” is the new policy, with company employees stating that the next-generation OM-D camera will feature built-in Phase Detection AF technology.

olympus-e-m5-replacement Olympus E-M6 release date scheduled for September 2013 Rumors

Olympus E-M5 will get a replacement soon. At least this is what company employees are suggesting, while the rumor mill is betting everything it has got on a September 2013 release date.

Olympus E-M6 to come packed with Phase Detection AF technology

Olympus has demonstrated the capabilities of its new shooter at the PEN Collection 2013 show. However, the corporation did not hold back when asked about the features of the device and even revealed that some of the new capabilities will be found in the next-gen OM-D series camera.

It seems like the new Phase Detection AF is getting a lot of attention therefore Olympus E-M6 users will benefit from it, just like PEN E-P5 owners.

The E-M6 name is mentioned because the rumor mill is certain that this is the next OM-D camera to be unveiled by Olympus. It appears that the Olympus E-M6 release date is scheduled for late September 2013, but this is based on speculation, not actual facts.

September 2013 Olympus E-M6 release date is getting closer, while its predecessor continues to receive eulogies

The OM-D E-M6 will replace a device which has received a lot of praises from many customers and reviewers. It is obvious that not all people have had kind words to say about the camera, but overall it has been appreciated.

The Olympus E-M5 features a 16-megapixel Live MOS image sensor, ISO sensitivity up to 25,600, TruePic VI processing engine, 5-axis image stabilization, fast autofocus speed, 800×600-resolution tilting touchscreen, and 9fps in continuous shooting mode.

The Micro Four Thirds camera is available for purchase at Amazon for $999 for its body-only version. It is available in Black and Silver with two lens kits, 12-50mm and 14-42mm, each costing a bit more than the body-only price.

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