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Olympus Mini OM-D compact camera release date is October 29


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The Olympus compact camera with an OM-D-like design will be introduced officially on October 29 and  new Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses are also on their way.

Olympus has already announced a high-end Micro Four Thirds camera this fall. The E-M1 is a powerful device that is ready to take on professional DSLRs from Nikon and Canon.

Panasonic’s GX7 is a worthy adversary, too,  and it is already available on the market. However, the company is also planning the GM1, a shooter with interchangeable lens support that will fit in your pocket.

The same thing cannot be said about Olympus. This Japanese manufacturer will not launch any other ILCs by the end of this year and it remains to be seen what 2014 holds for us in tow.

olympus-xz-2 Olympus Mini OM-D compact camera release date is October 29 Rumors

Olympus XZ-2 is a higher-end compact camera that may lend its 1/1.7-inch-type sensor to a Mini OM-D shooter soon. The rumored device will also feature a built-in electronic viewfinder and it is coming in late October.

Olympus working on compact camera with OM-D-based design

Still, for photographers who want to keep their camera in their pocket, the Olympus Mini OM-D is on its way. It will be a fixed-lens device that will feature a 1/1.7-inch-type sensor.

Another exciting specification of the camera consists of an integrated electronic viewfinder. The “Mini OM-D” comes from the fact that the EVF will be placed in the middle of the device, which is reminiscent of an OM-D.

Olympus Mini OM-D shooter to be announced on October 29

The 1/1.7″-type sensor will be similar to the ones users can find in Olympus XZ cameras. However, sources are claiming that the Mini OM-D will not join the XZ series. Instead, it might mark the start of a brand new line-up.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Olympus Mini OM-D release date is October 29, a few days after PhotoPlus Expo 2013 will be over and all other makers would have already revealed their devices for the holidays season.

Panasonic poised to reveal GM1 and 12-32mm lens on October 17

Panasonic will most likely launch a slew of new Micro Four Thirds lenses and cameras in early 2014. For this year’s end, the GM1 and the non-PZ 12-32mm optic will be enough, although we will find out more on October 17.

More details should be revealed soon, including the full specifications and prices of the cameras, therefore you should stay tuned to Camyx.

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